January 17, 2018


Peru CCM


Abbie Jane Martin

CCM week 1

Hola Fam!

Well what can I say, its official. I am now an official missionary! And even better than that... I am in PERU! I have a small obsession with this country. For starters, its warm and I LOVE being warm! The humidity and my hair tend to get along, but the big bugs are NOT my friends. In any case it is absolutly stunning!

So a few fun things... all the Latinos love my hair cause its blonde! Yesterday we went to get our visas and the little kids just loved it. They would stare and stare and then come up to me and laugh. It was so cute. I love them. Oh and none of them can pronounce my name so its pretty cool. I've started calling myself a different name so they don't get confused.... ALSO, We got to watch Pres. Monsons funeral. It was fantastic. What an example. I decided this week that I have a new found love and respect for the apostles and prophets. It may have something to do with the fact that we teach all day about the ultamite prophet, Jesus Christ. And then yesterday we got to watch the announcment of the new first presidency. Such a moving experience. I love those men. I sustain them. I know that they are called of God and set apart by His Presthood authority. They will do great things for this world if we follow them as they follow Christ.

The CCM has taught me a lot in one week. One thing being that the spirit should be your BFF. If we dont have him, we cannot succeed... as missionaries, as members, as humans. WE NEED HIM. He is the gatway to understanding the gospel and the Savior. I've noticed this a lot in my companionship. I love these Hermanas! We are in a trio!! Hermana Lords and Hermana Martin are the cutest ladies I've EVER met.... actually all my Hermanas are. But I have very special place for my companions. They have taught me to kinda chill out. See, Spanish is SUPER hard to learn if you give yourself rediculus expectations of perfection. For all of you that really know me, I am the QUEEN of worrying.... it's quite ridiculous actually, and so I get nothing done...Hermana Martin has chilled me out a bit. I love her for it.

UT, AZ, CT, and the UK, hold my loved ones, but, Peru has stolen my heart. I love it. I love all of you! Thank you for the love, support, kindness, and respect that you have shown me in my life, especailly at this time. AND PLEASE forgive my spelling. I am currently transitioning to Spanglish and Ive forgotten how to spell and often times speak in English.

Until next week!
Love you!

Hermana Mecham

(Lima Temple trip)


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