June 19, 2017




Sister Briggs

Hi from Hamburg!

Hi friends and family,
This will be short but I'll try and include some highlights from the week! It was a good one, so hopefully you don't just scroll to the bottom and look at the pictures :P
SO, we were able to meet with the Gätcke family this week! One of our awesome members, Sister Fuchs, came with us. It was so cute, we meet  up at her house before we left to the appointment and she grabs a Book of Mormon off her shelf, grabs a few pass along cards, and then prayed with us before we leave her appartment. It was as though she was a little missionary herself! She is 83, but is still pumped for missionary work! It's great.
The lesson went really well. We read together in 2 Nephi 31 and taught about baptism. They explained to us that they were baptized as babies into the Lutheran church and asked us if that "counts" or if they need to be rebaptized. We got to bear testimony about the importance of Priesthood authority and being baptized as Jesus did ( Baptism by immersion). They all understood beautifully and said they would have no problem being "rebaptized". We also explained the Restoration and the need for a restored church and restored priesthood authority. The dad, Jürgen, at the end says "Oh, that makes so much sense! I guess if Joseph Smith is a prophet, I should probably read more in the Book of Mormon!". Haha, I love being a missionary and seeing people discover Gods truths little by little. Overall, it was a good day.
Our teaching pool is unfortuntely pretty small at the moment so we have been doing lots of dooring and finding. To be honest, towards the end of the week I had a prety bad attitude while dooring. I was kind of complaining about not wanting to do it and not seeing any miracles, but then Sister Briggs said "Well, at least we aren't getting stoned like some of the prophets did when they went preaching". Haha, sooooo true. That changed my attitude though and I quickly repented and had a change of heart. Sometimes, its hard to see the bigger picture of missionary work when everyone just rejects you or tells you to leave. BUT, The scriptures give us the greatest examples of the greatest missionaries. Gods work truly is bigger than we realize. Our attitude, actions and even thoughts as missionaries defines our commitments to God and the Gospel.
On Sunday, a returned sister missionary from our mission, came back with her family to visit her areas. She came and saw the ward in Stade with her mom, sister and aunt. We all had lunch together with the Branch president and his wife. Oh man, It was so weird to be around Americans! Haha, culture shock is a real thing, and I'm pretty sure I'll have it when I return home.
Today, we went to Hamburg and did a little shopping. I love Hamburg. I soaked it all in because I only have a few more weeks of being a missionary in the greatest mission in the entire world!!! Ahhhhhh. I love this work, I love Germany, I love the Gospel and I loveeee the opportunity I hard to serve the German people for 18 beautiful months!
Have a good week my friends! And ill talk to you soon (:
Love, Sister Leavitt


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