June 12, 2017




Sister Briggs

Called to serve HIM

Hello Family and friends,

We meet yet again! I can't quite decide if the time is going very fast or very slow, but in either case I just want to share a few thoughts, experiences, and stories from the week.

We had a lot of "white days" or days with no appointments or planned activities. As always, these days of "finding" are always interesting. They aren't always my very favorite days because they can seem long afer being rejected by everyone we talk to, but they always teach me the most. I've learned throughout the span of 17 months, it's always after the trial of our faith that God blesses us, and not always the way we want or expect. We didn't find anyone new to teach, but after a long week, we received a call at the church of a man saying that his American sister wants to come to our church and be visited by the missionaries! 

We were in the car the other day driving home from Hamburg, listening to a talk called "the conversaion of a catholic" or something along those lines. It's an amazing story about a man who finds the church through a few different spiritual experiences. But my most favorite part of the talk was towards the end when he talks about some of the experiences he had while serving a full time mission. They prayed over a map and ended up in a area of town. They were knocking on doors trying to find someone to teach. They ended up finding a lady about 83 years old who let them in. Long story short she accepted the invitation to be baptized. She later received her patriarchal blessing. In it, it tells her that she would have accepted the gospel and been baptized 25 years earlier if a specific elder called to serve in her area would have accepted his call to serve.
He talked about how the call to serve affects so many people. When Heavenly Father calls you to a specific work, he does it with specific purposes in mind. He doesn't call missionaries to certain missions because they are running short on missionaries, or because it was a random draw of a hat. He calls us to bless the lives of specific people.
This can apply to any calling in the church as much as it does to missionaries. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to serve my Heavenly Father by Serving the people of Germany. I've seen miracles, and can promise you that the Church of Jesus Christ is true. What a marvelous work that we are all apart of!

This is short friends, but until next week!! Auf wiedersehen!

Sister Leavitt


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