June 5, 2017




Sister Briggs


Hi parents,

I do'nt have anything to respond to but I hope you are all still Alive! Haha.
How was the week? Are you keeping busy now that school is over mom?? Haha must be nice. I've been wondering if Kyler ever proposed yet. I heard the ring should be coming if he hasn't already.
To be honest, this week wasn't too exciting. We had another lesson with Tina which went really well. She's the less active we are working with right now. She has a ton of mental health issues so it's been hard for her. But she's doing great. We had a lesson about keeping the
sabbath day holy. She has a solid testimony. Even though its hard for her to come to church and even though her entire family went inactive she still has a testimony of the sabbath day and strives to keep it. Her mom is the Shibany, the lady I told you about in my last email.
The one that read stuff online and went completely inactive. She is always telling Tina stuff which makes her confused, but she told us that she has learned not to talk about spiritual matters with her mom anymore. Just like the scripture says "don't cast your pears to the pigs"
or something along those lines. Hopefully she comes back to church soon!
We haven't found anyone new this week. We went by a contact and we talked to him for a little bit. He is this old man who lives on a farm and is obsessed with his farm. He gave us a referral of a Romanian family we should visit. We went by them (we didn't have a name just an address) and a man answered and we told him we had a message about Jesus Christ and he just looked at us and said "sorry I don't believe in fiction" and then laughed and shut the door. Turns out it wasn't the Romanian
family. So there is still hope for them. But I think it's funny that that kind of thing doesn't even bother me anymore because I KNOW its the truth and know that God's sheep will hear his voice and we just
have to do our part and find his sheep. We just have to go through lots of unfaithful people to find them that will receive Him.
I've been feeling really crummy lately. I'm not sure if it's a cold or allergies. Maybe a mixture of both. My allergies are going crazy right now! But my allergy medicine makes me super sleepy so it's hard to get any work done if I take it. I've been trying to take it at night but I
always forget. We honestly just spent a lot of the week dooring and finding and tracting and more tracting. Not much came of it though. But that's okay. God doesn't reward us based on how many people accepted us, he rewards us on our actions and intents of our heart.
Random but I want to go to the sächsische apps before we leave Germany. Don't know what we have planned for Dresden but that would be cool if we could fit that in!! Also, could we possibly go to church in Werdau one Sunday and go visit Gera? I want to visit Peter and Beate. Peter got baptized a year ago today!! That was one of the my favorite days on my mission. Even though I didn't find him or teach him very much, I still love that family mucho. We did find his wife though, who is now an active member of the church!
That's all from my side.
Still kind of freaking out that I'm coming home so soon. Tomorrow will be my last regular interview with president before my final goodbye interview. I love you fam and miss you all so much! I hope you're having a good week and an even better JUNE!! Craziness.

Xoxo Sister leavitt


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