April 17, 2017




Sister Gladney

Hello fam,

This will be short and sweet. We have been running around like chickens with their heads cut off the past few days and don't have much time today.

Happy Easter!!! We didn't do much yesterday for Easter. It didn't feel like Easter at all haha. But it was good! All three of us sisters and the Elders went over to the gospel family and they made us Rouladen, Rotkohl, potatoes, white asparagus, and of course sauce. Very German!

We have an appointment today with a member in the Bad Bantheim sisters area and she has ; little kids and we are going to Easter egg hunt with them! It will be super cute :)

We had an appointment with a member in a place called Nordhorn and its about a 10 minute drive from the Netherlands! Haha, pretty cool stuff.

As you may be wondering I did get transferred!! *drum roll* I am going to STADE!! (Pronounced sch-tah-da). It is a tiny little tourist town right outside of Hamburg. It's super small and has a tiny branch but I'm excited because its going to be Beautiful since its spring time!!!! My new companions name is Sister Briggs. My companion in Nordhausen, Sister Mogensen, started her mission there and I saw tons of pictures and it's absolutely gorgeous. I'm excited to end my mission in a small beautiful town. :) I'll be taking a train on Wednesday and it takes about 2.5 hours to get there. Yay for trains. I was hoping he'd send me to Dresden as well, but I'm going to literally the entire other end of the country haha. That's okay, we are going this summer to Dresden and Meissen which will be better anyways because I can see things and not worry about being on a mission so to say (even though I'll still be set apart).

I had to say good he to the Osnabrück ward and people on Sunday and it was so sad :( This is like my home away from home. I'll send some pictures of members.

I'm glad you got my Mother's Day calendar! That got there fast. I did sent my pyramid at the same time as your calendar... hopefully it makes it here safe. Sometimes it takes a long time for big packages.
It took almost 3 months for Adam to get his Christmas package I sent.
I'll pray it makes it there safely hehe.
Since I'm being transferred, I packed up a box of books and things I want to send home. Its 4.5 kg (about 9ish pounds) and it should only cost about 35 or so euros. I'm pretty sure I still have $50 in my account. So if you are wondering where it went in the next few days, you'll know. I'm sending some chocolate to Adams parents too by the way, but it's a small package so it should only cost 7 euros. Let me know when you get my pyramid.
I still didn't get the pictures you sent. If Sister Gladney gets them she can send them to me.

I really am happy out here. It is hard but that makes the amazing moments even better! The closer I get to July the more I realize how much I love being a missionary here. I know that I was sent here for a specific reason, whether it's for others or because God knew I would grow the most here. I'm grateful I didn't have an easy mission. I mean I didn't even baptize anyone really but I did teach so many people who eventually did get baptized or who came closer to making that covenant. And I wouldn't trade that for anything. A lot of the missionaries I've gotten close to and know are going home this transfer or in the next one. And its crazy knowing that I'm next.
Honestly I'm not ready for that haha. Real life seems like a bore. Oh man. But yes, I'm so happy and I don't even know if you'll recognize me when you pick me up. I feel like I'm Such a different person than who I was when I left. My mission really has changed my life and I'm so grateful for you and dads example and support to help get my out here. I love you!!

YES!!! Sister Appel!! I'm so excited to keep up my German with her!
Let her know I'm excited and plan to speak German with her as much as possible haha.

We were able to meet with Annie this week. She is so amazing, we invited her to baptism and she said yes. She already believes that Joseph smith was a prophet and basically everything we have taught.
She even asked US if she could come visit a baptism anytime soon to see how it is.
We are meeting with her again on Tuesday!

Love you all! Byeeee. Bis next week

My new Adresse is:
Glückstädter straße 2a
Stade 21682


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