April 3, 2017




Sister Gladney

Conference Time!

Good morning friends!!

I hope you had an amazing general conference weekend. I love love love conference and it being a missionary makes it even better ;) I could write all about what I learned and felt and received but I'm sitting in the middle of a mall in Rheine and don't have much time.

BUT I hope YOU all got to watch it. If not there's still time ;) It makes me so sad and kind of freaked out knowing that that was my last conference in Germany and a full time missionary. :( The weather is getting BEAUTIFUL and honestly I don't even recognize Osnabrück when the sun is shining and everything isn't gray haha. It also helps people be friendlier and happier on the streets, just in time for our new EASTER INITIATIVE!! Last week was the kickoff for the new Easter video and we as a missionary have an amazing opportunity to share the video and EASTER message with as many of Gods children as possible. Even President got his car decked out to spread the message
;) (see photo below).
So this next week we will be concentrating all our time energy and efforts into sharing the message of #PRINCEOFPEACE and helping these Germans find peace through the Savior Jesus Christ, the Lord of Lord, the King of Kings and THE PRINCE OF PEACE.

We had a hectic crazy week full of unexpected surprises and ended up getting to be in a trio again!! Although this time only for a day. I'm excited for this next week which will probably be crazier as we run around to meetings, street displays, and appointments. Ahhh mission life. I love it so much.

Well that's all folks! If you haven't watched conference, or the EASTER video #DOITTTTTTT!! :) With all my love, Sister Leavitt


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