March 20, 2017




Sister Gladney

Hello all

Hello all,

Sorry this is going to be a short one but I just wanted to share one experience we had this week, well today actually. A few weeks ago we received a referral from church head quarters. Her name is Ann-Kathrin (or Annie) and she referred her self and made an appointment with us. Well she canceled and that was the end of that. But we were sitting in church yesterday (which was an amazing sunday btw) and we got a text from her saying "Hi do you have time tomorrow at 11 that we could meet and could you bring me a Book of Mormon?" WHATTT heck yeah we do, who cares about P-day! So we met her this morning at the church building and got to know her. She's 26 and was born in Germany but lived her childhood and teenage year in California, and is now living in Osnabrück and studying here. Ahhhhh. The second we met her, she said she already feels something different about our church and the atmosphere here (ahem, that would be the Holy Ghost). We decided to teach her the first lesson, but didn't get to much into actually teaching because shes talks ALOTTT. But her story is really awesome and I can already see how Heavenly Father has been preparing her and is aware of her. She told us about some hard things in her family and a few months ago she was on her way to her mom's house and she was having a really hard time. She said she saw the Elders and was sooo drawn to them and wanted to know more about them and what they believe and what they are doing. She ended up not talking to them because she felt awkward and then just went on her way. She then ran into a few weeks ago and started talking with sisters in the referral center. They taught her a little and urged her to request a Book of Mormon. So she did and that's when we got her referral. She wasn't so sure about meeting with us but had already read the intro and the first few pages of the Book of Mormon. On Saturday she was talking to the sisters again over the phone and she told them her story about how she was born and raised catholic but she knows it's not true. Things about it don't fit or feel right. So she never went to church even though her belief in God is amazing. Anywho, the Sister from the referral center made a huge impact on her and when they prayed with her she said " an indescribable warmth came over her and she even started crying." And that's when she decided she needed to meet with us and learn more about this church. We taught her about families and the prophet and she abruptly said " oh yeah, I know about him. It's General conference in a few weeks right?" Haha..well..yes! We asked her if she's ever heard of Joseph Smith and she said yes and told us the story of Joseph Smith's first vision and the Gold plates. She even told us that she read about temples and that the angel Moroni is on the top of all temples. She's so great. She basically read everything on!! We gave her a tour of the Church and showed her the baptismal font and the chapel and everything. She's going out of town for a month but was sooo excited to make a new appointment and meet again when she comes back. It was so cool. She just kept saying "I'm excited to see where this is going to take me in life. I don't know what the future brings but I'm excited to find out where this gospel will bring me." I can really see how prepared she is. I love the way God works. It's so amazing to be able to see people excited about the Gospel and learning about it. Not going to lie I haven't seen that very often here. Just being able to be tools in the Lords hand is so amazing. Nothing about this mission or teaching her is about me. It's not about ME bringing her to baptism or ME teaching her, but its about HER learning and accepting the gospel. The best thing in the world is to see people change through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Innocent is unfortunately not going to be baptized this week. He doesn't understand everything and we don't want to baptize him until he is ready. It's been hard and stressful trying to figure out how we can help him. But if you could just keep him in your prayers that he will see the importance of the Gospel and of baptism, that would be WUNDERBAR! Life is crazy and missions are crazy. Nothing ever turns out how you think, but it always turns out how it should, because God is aware of all his children and everything they need.
Our little trio got split up today, sadly after only 5 days. Sister Carta got her visa finally and is headed to the St. George visitor center today. It was sooo much fun being able to serve just a short 5 days with her and learn so much from her. But yes, if you're ever in St. George, look out for her (:
That's all for today my friends, have a good week (:
XOXO Sister Leavitt


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