March 6, 2017




Sister Gladney

Hello there my friends!

Hello there my friends! I have much to report this week so bare with me through my jumbled thoughts and destroyed English grammar.

Yes well, Monday was quite the riot. We went bowling with the district and afterwards went to family home evening with the YSA's and brought a girl named Rachel that the sisters taught a while back. She's from Nigeria and we became instant best friends haha. I'm excited to start working with her more. We have an appointment to teach her German on Wednesday (prayers needed...not sure how to actually teach German..)

Tuesday we were SUPPOSED to have our first appointment with our media referral Ann-Kathrin but because life is sometimes a doozy, it fell out and we haven't been able to contact her since :/ But all is well, I've learned VERY WELL that you can't dwell on things you can't control.
We did some service with a former investigator named Anna! She is so precious and has the cutest 5 month old baby named Tristan. Oh man.... We helped her around her house and exciting stuff like that.

Wednesday we had MISSION TOUR IN HAMBURG! We had Elder Sabine and his wife come and speak to us. He is the second councilor in the area presidency. Of course it was amazingggg and I loved it so much. I learned a lot and pretty much was on the verge of tears because the spirit was so strong. Something I liked a lot was when he was talking about Christ. He said: "Christ created the world yet he was astonished at how hard the Atonement was". As a mission we have been studying specifically repentance and the atonement. I'm amazed and just how much we depend on the atonement. We can't even imagine what Christ went through just for us. For you, for me, individually. Like ohhhh my gosh! How WONDERFUL!!! Ah man, if I counted how many times a day I catch myself saying "I'm soooo thankful for this gospel".... I am though! And I absolutely love teaching people about it.

Thursday we had Tausch (exchanges) with the STL's in Hannover. I got to spend the day with Sister Boza who is the cutest sister missionary from Guatemala! It rained and rained and rained so much so we had fun tracting in the rain :p

Saturday was the one day where IT WASN'T RAINING! It was so warm I even considered going tight less, but knew that all the old German ladies would yell at me so I didn't brave it. We pulled out our super ghetto, rusty, bikes and took them for a ride to visit some referrals. I'm definitely not in shape for that kinda shenanigans...but the weather was beautifullll so we had a good day.
We also got to go visit out favorite little Schwester Hesse! Ohhhh I love her so much. She's 81 and has been inactive her whole life until about / years ago when a member fellowshipped her and goes 30 minutes out of her way to pick her up for Sundays. She made us cake and "coffee" for dinner. Best sinner ever honestly hahaha. Then we read some stuff from President Hinckley and had a grand ole time. She's so cute.

Sunday the Asans came to church!!!!! Ohhhhh my gosh, I can't even explain how happy I was to see them there. They are a family with 3 little kids from Macedonia. They moved to Germany and have never been to church the whole 5 months they have been here. We have been working with them the last few months trying to get them to church and eventually get to the temple to be sealed. :)


Liebe Grüße, Sister Leavitt


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