February 13, 2017




Sister Gladney

Well here we are again

Well here we are again, another week another email.
Twas a good week! We saw little miracles here and there and grew that much closer to our father in Heaven.

So, the days all blur together so I will just give a few highlights of the week instead of a daily account.

We made a ton, and I mean a ton of cookies this week and brought some by a bunch of less actives! Quote from sister Gladney: "With cookies in hand, we are officially sister missionaries". True. So true.

This week we had a good lesson with Innocent!! We taught him the word of wisdom. Good stuff, good stuff. We usually have to meet in a little ice cream shop because we can never get a girl to joint teach with us, and he usually orders a coffee. So we knew this lesson would be a good one ha :p He ordered a coffee and then came and sat down for our lesson.
Before we even said anything he says "oh no..... I didn't mean to order a coffee. I forgot we don't drink coffee in the Mormon church" haha poor guy. He said "I drank coffee before and you never told me it was a sin...". We taught him about why we have the word of wisdom and what blessings are in store for us when we follow the commandments of god.
After we asked him if he WANTS to follow the commandment. He said "Yes of course. I meet with you to understand how to come closer to God and do what he wants. If i didn't want to live what you teach, then I wouldn't meet with you". We taught that he can repent from sins he didn't know were sins. We talked about how following the commandments is a requirement for baptism and he has a desire to work towards that.
He's a pretty cool guy. Its super cool to see how far he has come since the second lesson (I wasn't in Osna for the first lesson). He came to church this week as well! We had a ward pot luck afterwards and he's getting to know more and more of the ward. The ward knows him now by name and they get excited to see him there. This is what missionary dreams are made of people.

On the other hand, our ward mission leader got released, which we are pretty sad about. We got to be in the setting apart for the new ward mission leader, Bruder Atlmann. It was super cool!! In his setting apart the bishop said something about his dream being fulfilled. After the blessing he turned to bishop and said "I didn't tell you about the dream I had... right?" He said that a few days before getting the new calling he had a dream that he was leading a bunch of people dressed in white along a path. Heavenly Father works in such mysterious ways.
It's so amazing to know that God is aware of EVERYTHING and that this church is lead by him and by his priesthood power. How amazing that Heavenly Father knows his children so well that he knows what they need to grow and what they need to do to also help other people grow.
I've seen over and over and over again on my mission that personal revelation IS real. Our leaders and teacher are not randomly chosen, rather prepared servants of our Father in Heaven.

Well many other things happened this week that I would love to share but I'll just leave it with a quote from church on Sunday. "You have not failed until you have given up". This struck me pretty hard on Sunday because sometimes its easy to feel like you have failed at something if it didn't turn out how you wanted. Now, I relate this to missionary work but you can relate it to life in general (all of those who aren't currently on a mission). Don't ever stop trying to be the best you and it will be good enough for your father in heaven.

I hope everyone has a good valentines day!! Its weird to look back at last year valentines day, when I was still in the MTC preparing to leave for DEUTSCHLAND! And now here I am... one year later. Ahhhh the feels. Okay, life's great, valentines day is great, the gospel is great and if you have read all the way to this point in my email well then you are also great.
Ich habe sie alle lieb! Essen Sie viele schockolade und vergessen Sie nicht wie viel gott Sie leibt. Aufwiedersehen ❤️️🇩🇪


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