January 30, 2017




Sister Alton


Liebe Alle,
ahhhhh it was a great week!! Like always.
First things first.....TRANSFERSSSSS
I will be staying in the great Osnabrück aka "El dorado". Sister Alton is sadly leaving us and heading for the Zwickau (In the East). We've had some good times together and I'm sad to see her go, but I'm excited for my new companion, Sister Gladney!
Moving on....
This week we received a referral from a less active in our ward. Her name is Eva Großheide. We had her address and we went by but she wasn't home. So we left her a note in her mailbox asking her to call us back if she has interest. Well, luckily she called us back! Not going to lie, wasn't expecting that one. We meet with her and she is soooo sweet! Shes in her 50s I believe and was taught by missionaries over 25 years ago. She doesn't remember much except the name Joseph Smith and a vision and a interesting book kind of like the Bible. We were able to teach her the first lesson, bear testimony and invite her to baptism! She said she would if she found out it was true. So we are super excited to work with her more and see her learn and grow!! (:
We are working a ton with the ward right now on family mission plans. Exciting stuffff!! Member missionary work really is awesome. Sometimes it scares them, but the blessings they see from it are super cool. We went over to one of my favorite families house, the Gossels, for family home evening and helped them create a mission plan for their family, to invite one person to church by the end of the year. They have a son out on a mission right now, so they are super excited about all things missionary related. Ah, I love them so much.
This week, we took on the adventure of heading up to Nortrup to give a Russian guy a Book of Mormon. I've learned to love those days that everything seems to not work out because they are always the days full of the most adventure. Most of the day were were stranded in little villages with no idea how the buses work how how to get where we need to go. On top of that, our bus pass that we had didn't work so we ended up having just enough money to buy a new one that got us to where we wanted to go. #TheLordisonourside. Once we got to the town he lived in, we had to walk quite a ways to his house. Turns out he wasn't home so we just had to leave the Books in his Mailbox and head back home.

Not much on the investigator front. But alles gut. We are working hard on finding people!! Something cool that I've never done before was taking some Books of Mormon, writing our testimony on the inside cover, and going around to all the book exchanges in town and leaving them inside. Not sure what will come of it, but hey, someone somewhere will read it and come just THAT much closer to a knowledge of their Father in Heaven and their Savior Jesus Christ. We never know where those books will end up, or who they will touch. Most of the time we don't even see the fruits of our labors until later.
Well, The weather is starting to get a little warmer than normal, so that makes me happy. I'm happy to be a missionary, I'm happy to be living in the beautiful country, and I'm happy that I have the gospel in my life! (: Ohhhh what a blessing!
Have a good week everyone! (:
Bis nächste woche.
XOXO Sister Leavitt


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