December 12, 2016




Sister Alton

Two more weeks until Christmas!

Hello my sweet family,
The work has been pretty slow. We only have one investigator right now, Innocent. He lives pretty far so it's hard to meet regularly, but he came to church yesterday. We are focusing on the book of Mormon with him. We are working on helping him gain a testimony. Africans are tricky, because they all just love Jesus, but don't really know what that means personally. But it's going good. Hopefully we can get him on baptismal date in January!
We got our transfer calls and sister Alton and I are both staying here, so we are excited to keep working with him together. We are doing quite a bit of member work, just because we don't have much else, and we are sharing the new Christmas program with them all. I'm really loving the new 25 videos for 25 days thing. Not sure if you've heard about it. It's on, its really good!
Our Zone training meeting is on the 21st, in Oldenburg. We will get our packages then! (: Germans celebrate Christmas on the 24th, so we will be with a brother named Bruder Altmann. He's awesome and lovessss the missionaries. And we got permission to have the sisters and the elders over at the same time. Then on the 25th we are spending the evening with the American Family in our ward. We are both supppper excited for that! They have 2 little kids, so it'll almost be like home :P
Ohhh, I miss the temple lights a lot. Not going to lie, its been pretty rough trying not to miss home since Christmas is so close. Yesterday, Sister Alton and I were reading a bunch of stories from the December Ensigns and we read one about a little 3 year old boy. Of course I thought about the boys, and then about Kenna. I thought about how I will miss Kenna's first Christmas. We don't have a tree or anything like that in our apartment so its hard to feel at home here. We were both crying for a little bit just because we were thinking of our families, and reading sad but uplifting stories about missionaries being away from home during Christmas. I miss you all a Lot! But I am sooo grateful to be learning about Christ in a totally new way this year. This year, it isn't about the cute tree, the stocking, wrapping presents, or even being with family. This year its about serving Christ, who was born for ME! It's about serving others the way Christ served them. It's about learning to think of others and not myself. And it's only one Christmas of my life, where I get to experience that in such magnitude, so you could say that I'm happy I'm out here this Christmas season, even if its hard.
Tell everyone I love them! I miss them all so much, and I hope you have an amazing Christmas break! Send some pictures of the kids and the tree, and my pup, if you can (:

-Aubrey Lynn


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