November 14, 2016




Sister Mogensen

Goodbye Nordhausen.

Dear Everyone,
SO I have a lot to share and not much time, so I apologize in advance.
I made it to Osnabrück and its BEAUTIFUL!! I am so very excited to be here in this city and all the new adventures that await.
Tuesday was mostly filled with goodbyes and packing. The good thing about a tiny tiny group is that you build relationships super fast. I was so sad to leave Nordhausen of course. Saying goodbye to the members and the Frenzels was hard because I love them all so much. It's amazing how much love you can have for people that you met only a few months ago. That's probably the best thing about a mission. God allows you to feel just a tiny portion of his love for his children! It also SNOWED and of course I freaked out. It was soo beautiful and made me really happy! (:
Wednesday was pretty tiring. I got on a train at about 2 and got into Osnabrück at about 7. In our mission on transfer days, we ride the trains alone to our new areas, and then meet our new companions in our new area. So its was pretty weird being all by myself on a train for 4 hours. Also future advice for any future missionaries. DONT BRING 3 SUITCASES!! It's a struggle trying to lug them all around....especially if you only have two hands :P BUT I got into Osnabrück and met my new companion Sister Alton! Our Ward mission leader and one of the other members was there to pick us up and help us take all of my many many suitcases back to my new apartment.
Thursday we taught the elders English class for them. Two guys named Greggory and Talles always come every week . They are both pretty funny. Talles is from Brazil and Greggory is from Russia. We taught them about conjunctions, which is when I realized that I have forgotten all of my English and I have no idea how to explain English grammar. Oh boy. We shared a spiritual thought at the end which was supposed to be a short little scripture. It actually turned out to be a full blown lesson. Sister Alton shared her testimony about God and her relationship with God. They both had many many questions and were fascinated with her testimony and the little spiritual experience she shared. We invited them both to start taking the lessons! The elders were surprised to say the least :P

Most of the rest of the week was weekly planning, figuring out the new area, meeting members from the branch, and all the good stuff. I don't have much time so I'll skip the little details for this week and move on to Sunday!!
Sunday, we went to church and I got to meet our cute little Branch! Our branch is honestly amazing. Osnabrück is a college town so we have a lot of young single adults that are super awesome and strong in the gospel. We have an investigator named Innocent that we are teaching right now. He is about 29 and from Nigeria, and hes awesome!!! He loves loves loves coming to church and was so excited to come this week. Church had already started but Innocent still wasn't there so we were waiting out in the hall for him to come.
While we were waiting the cute, adorable little American family in the ward walked in. Mormon standard time right?? Ha, its the little things I miss :P Anyways they were in the middle of passing the sacrament and their little son Presley realized that they were blessing the water and that he had missed the bread. Watching this little boy and what he did next strengthened my own testimony and he taught me a very important lesson on the importance of the sacrament. After he realized he had missed the bread his eyes got big, and said to his mom in the cutest little 4 year old American accent:
"MOM!! we missed the bread!! what do we do if we missed the bread???What are we supposed to do?? I cant believe we missed it...."
He was so distraught, this little boy. And the next thing he said to his mom was " MOM!!! How late are we??" His mother just tried quieting him, but it didn't work.
He looked around trying to rationalize everything. "Mom, please just tell me how late we are..." Haha, it killed me! So cute. And I love the little message I learned of the importance of the sacrament. Are we all so excited as Presley to partake of the sacrament? How big of a priority is it in our lives to come to church and renew the covenants we have made with our Loving Father in Heaven?
After this little episode, we called innocent. He had thought that a member was supposed to be picking him up and was patiently waiting. He lives a little while away and would have to come by train, so we felt really bad when we had to explain the confusion that no one had gone to pick him up. He wouldn't make it in time for church, but we had a lesson after church about the temple and a few of the commandments we need to follow to be worthy to enter the temple. He's super awesome and really wants to go to the temple. He told us that he wants to marry a girl in our church because we have good standards. It's very hard to find a girl in Germany that doesn't smoke, drink, or party on the weekends. He loves the fact that we teach about Jesus Christ and STRIVE to be like Him! We have been praying about a baptismal date for Innocent but he is still a little scared. The sisters just started teaching him about 2 weeks ago, so he doesn't feel quite ready. The elders were there at the church and we offered to have them give him a blessing to help him feel of God's love and get an answer to whether or not he should be baptized on November 25, which is the date we set. The Elders gave him a blessing and he soaked it all up. The blessing was beautiful and talked a lot about Gods love for him. I almost started crying!! I had just met Innocent that day, but I already felt so much love for him. I say the same thing about all the people I end up teaching, but it's so true. The mission has personally blessed me so much with a hugeeee capacity to just love people. People I talk to for 5 minutes on the street, people I am companions with, my wards, and our investigators. I can't even fathom how much OUR Heavenly Father loves each and every one of us.
Well, I'm running out of time unfortunately. I am so so so happy to be out here serving my Father in Heaven, and ultimately becoming more like Christ in tiny little details. I'm far from perfect but I'm so thankful for the chance to improve even if its just by a little.If you are thinking about serving a mission and don't know or can't receive an answer, I promise you that it WILL change your life for the better. It will help you in every aspect of your life. It will teach you valuable lessons that you cannot learn anywhere else.
Thanks for allll of your love and support, and I will talk to you next week!!
XO Sister Leavitt


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