October 10, 2016




Sister Mogensen

Happy Monday

Happy Monday!
Twas a great week, but don't have much time to write, so hopefully I can write something worth while.
Tuesday, we had district meeting and then we went to a little dorf (village) called Bad Sachsa. We had received a referral about a Turkish man who wanted a Book of Mormon. It was pretty late so the buses weren't running anymore, so we walked all the way through Bad Sachsa for 45 minutes to get to him, gave him a Book of Mormon, told him how awesome it is, got his number, and then turned around and went home, and made it back into our apartment with one minute to spare.

Tuesday we had a few fallen out appointments and a lot of finding time.

Thursday we went klingeling over by the local college in hopes of maybe finding some young peeps. We klingeled a toooon of people who didn't have interest. One of the older ladies told us she didn't want anything to do with us but that we should go talk to Frau Epp, a few apartments down. Sooo we found her, klingeled, she let us into the building and we told her who we were and all she said was "I'm Jehova Witness".... Haha. I think the other lady was trying to be funny, but it actually turned out to be a really good conversation. She was a lady from Russia, and she was super nice! She asked us a lot of things we believed, and we explained a lot of gospel principles to her. She said that she doesn't like that Mormons don't know the name of God or call him by that name. I just said "Uh, you mean Elohim?". She was thoroughly surprised. Anyways, after about an hour of standing at her front door, she ran out of things to find that we couldn't explain.
Her husband didn't speak any English or German but he came to the door with his Bible and all his pamphlets and wanted us to come back so we could talk. Haha, the wife didn't want to make an appointment but the husband was all for it! After a few minutes the wife won. But he gave us some Russian candy so that was cool.

We also met with the Frenzels of course. Herr Frenzel has been in and out of the hospital the past few days for heart tests and what not so we haven't been able to meet with them regularly, which is sad because we noticed that they only progress the weeks that we meet almost every day, but we haven't been able to meet as often this week.

Friday we had a lesson with Tobias! A few hours before our appointment he texted us and said " I just want you to know that I'm skeptical of the Book of Mormon, and I don't want you to be shocked or disappointed when I don't want to read it". So that was kind of weird but we met and re-established our purpose as missionaries. He has a lot of problems with feeling guilty and being confused with all the bad things in the world. We hadn't planned on it, but we taught about the atonement of Jesus Christ. He knew what it was but after we taught him all that Christ has done for us and that he knows us personally and felt everything we feel he just said "That all makes sense now. I never really connected the dots until now". I realized that night that ultimately our greatest message to the world is Christs atonement.
When people realize what that means and what it can offer them, they will understand. We always say " we are teaching you these things so you can be happy". It was really amazing to see him see that connection with the atonement and what that really means.

Saturday, we did a street display in Apolda as a district. When we got to Apolda we asked a lady if she knew if there was any where to eat, because it sorta looked like a ghost town. Bad idea to ask her because for the next ten minutes she ranted about how dead this town is and how horrible it is to live here. Hahah she just kept saying " Nay nay, Apolda ist tod. Ganz schlimm. Ganz schlimm". Aha, anyways we went to the center of town and she wasn't wrong about it being a ghost town.
There were 10 missionaries there with us and we almost out weighed the entire population of people walking the streets. We talked to a few people who so happened to live there. One lady was actually really cool. She had a baby and she told us that she named her baby after Lindsey Sterling, because she loves her so much. She had never heard of Mormons though some how, so we gave her a super awesome Lindsey Sterling "I'm a Mormon" video to watch.

Sunday we had ward conference. The nice thing about a tiny tiny ward is that we always have ward lunch after!

Well, that's all I have time for for now, but I bid you all a fair fall week!
Liebe grüße, Sister Leavitt


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