October 3, 2016




Sister Mogensen

Happy Oktober!

Happy Oktober! Happy birthday mum, and happy Tag Der Deutschen Einheit!! Which means that East and West Germany were united again 27 years ago today. It's not a celebration but more of a free day from work and school. Something super different than America though, is here in Germany, EVERYTHING closes on a holiday. Not a single store is open, and not a single soul is outside.... Except for the crazy missionaries who can take pictures of everything without having people in the way.
Anyways, it was a great week so letssss begin

This week we visited a man in our ward named Brother Stoye. He is in a old folks home but has been in the hospital this past week. We visited with him a little and read some scripture stories to him. He told us he didn't like the hospital because he cant get any chocolate there.
So the next day we visited him again and brought him some good ole German chocolate and read some more scriptures with him. He was super happy to finally get some chocolate. German chocolate is addicting lemme tell ya...
We found a beautiful Rose garden on the way home andddd I now have way to many pictures of flowers to share. :p
Tuesday we meet with the Frenzels! We talked about the Plan of Salvation and what we have to do to get to the Celestial kingdom. We made a puzzle thingy for them to re-arrange so they understood what everything is, and what happens where. Haha, they loved it so much that they took a picture of it to show their Son Philipp. Haha it was a good lesson! They even gave Sister Mogensen some nice White chunky old lady sandals that were 2 sizes too big and a big ole bag of salt packets to take home. Ahhh just like Christmas....
On Wednesday we went to a tiny Dorf( village) just outside of Nordhausen to do some finding. We have started to see the same people over and over again here in Nordhausen because its so small... So we needed a new place to go. Sooo off to Kleinwechsung we went! We klingeled every single house in the whole Dorf, and we were done within 2 hours. No one had interest unfortunelty... Most people open the door, look at out name tags, and then slam the door before we even have time to say anything. Ahhh, missionary work, its the best! We never loose faith though. Something I've learned is that we show our faith through our actions. And we don't always get rewarded right away. Sometimes it takes a lot of faith, and a lot of action, and you still might not find anyone. But showing the Lord you are ready to work and actually working is all we can do. It was worth the trip down there though because we saw a HUGE llama in someones backyard!!! Hahah nothing even surprises me anymore. As we were waiting for our bus back to Nordhausen, Herr Frenzel called and said he had a lot of questions on his mind and wanted us to come as soon as possible. The first thing we noticed when they opened the door was Herr Frenzels eye. It was blood shot red.... He told us " Sisters, I read so much in the scriptures and Ensign last night that I bursted a blood vessel in my eye." Thats dedication if i ever saw it haha. It was a great lesson. We talked a lot about baptism and why its so important. They both know that baptism is the next step but are still having some troubles fully believing. Then Frau Frenzel said the closing prayer!! It was the first time she has prayed with us. It made me so happy! As a missionary, nothing is better then seeing people progress and coming closer to Jesus Christ, even if it's tiny steps at a time!

Thursday!!! Okay, this was a really happy day because FRAU BISCHOF GOT BAPTIZED!! We were teaching her when I was in Leipzig! I wanted to skype in for her baptism, but the internet was being dumb, so I didn't get to see it. But, just knowing that I was able to help someone on their path to the waters of baptism, even if I was only there for 4 weeks, was good enough for me!

Friday was our first district meeting with our new district. We had 3 missionaries from our last district go home, 1 got transfered, and the other 2 went back to Turkey (which was their original mission, but had to be taken out of turkey for a while... For obvious reasons). So now we have a bunch of new elders in our district. It was cool to meet everyone and I'm super excited for this transfer, because they all seem super awesome and are ready for the work.

Saturday and Sunday were General Conference of course. We watched it in German so that the Frenzels and a few other members could watch it with us. Probably the most intense Language study ever. It was really hard to follow along, but still got some good stuff out of it. The Frenzels love every second of it. The came to all the sessions, even the women and priesthood sessions. Uchtdorf's talk in the woman's session really touched Herr Frenzel and he had to leave the room becuase he started to cry. He said " I don't know why I'm crying. That talked just touched me so much". We just said "Herr Frenzel, THATS THE HOLY GHOST! It's bearing witness of the truth. Remember, that's the same feeling you had when you went to the temple!" It was so awesome to see him feeling the spirit, even if he doesn't know what it is. They wanted to stay for every talk becuase, and I quote" What if they say something that I need to hear!! I can't miss it!!" They soaked up every word spoken by our prophet and leaders.

I love seeing people progressing on this great plan Heavenly Father has for them. Nothing is better to a missionary than that. It makes every slammed door, rude word, long days, struggle, and tired feet worth it. This Gospel is simply amazing and I loveeee helping people have what I have.

I love you all and bid you a great october week :)

Xoxo Sister Leavitt


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