September 26, 2016




Sister Mogensen

Guten morgen Arizona!!

Alright soooo this week was mainly full of fallen out appointments and crazy people, but it was good as always! We also got transfer calls this weekend!! Andddddd I'm staying in Nordhausen with sister Mogensen.
My steak of a new companion every transfer is now over :/ But I'm excited because we have lots to do still. And the ward would have had a meltdown if we left :p They are great. Anyways, on to the week.

Tuesday we went "bench finding".... Which basically just means we were going to go to the park and talk to all the people sitting on the benches. When you spend a majority of your time finding, you tend to get creative so you can mix it up a bit. Anyways, the first person we talked to was super awesome! Her name was Elisabeth and we asked if we could ask her a few questions. We asked her if she believed God could call a latter day prophet. She said she is Evangelisch (which they don't really believe in) but she said that yeah, that makes sense. We asked her what she would ask God if she could ask him one question.
She proceeded to tell us about how she got addicted to drugs at age 11 and at age 13 became clean through therapy. She said it was then she started to believe in God. She said that if she could ask God anything she would ask what he has planned for her life. She was so sweet and super excited to make an appointment and hear all about Gods plan for her!

We also meet with Annerose. She knew the Senior missionary couple here and met with them often. But since the senior missionaries don't update area books or write what has been taught, we had no idea what she had been taught or what she knew. Anywho, we went over and lemme tell ya, she is one of a kind :p She is so funny. She let us in and immediately started to give us a tour of her house.... She showed us her art room and everything she had painted. She showed us every newspaper articles she was in and my favorite.... All of her big floppy hats haha. We had tea and cake time and it was all super fancy :p So yeah, we read a general conference talk called "A summer with Great Aunt Rose" and talked about how to find joy in the little things in life.

Wednesday we had Zone training meeting and we talked about inviting people to baptism on the first lesson and making a baptismal calendar.
We were super excited and thought a lot about Elisabeth and our first lesson with her in a few days. We practiced and practiced inviting people to baptism and what it could mean for them.
We were super excited for our appointment with Elisabeth and we were going to meet at the church . The time came around for our appointment, anddddd... She didn't show up. Dahhhhh. She sent us a text a little a while later saying that she "believes in Jesus and belongs to him....and that she couldn't meet with us and doesn't want any more contact". I'm thinking she might have heard some weird false information about us. We were pretty bummed. But then the Frenzels called us and asked if we could come over in 10 minutes to have a lesson, so everything worked out alright.

So we went over to the Frenzels and as we got there they told us that they wanted to show us something real quick. Turns out we went on a hike.... All the way to where you could see over all of Nordhausen. 2 hours later we got back to their house and had a lesson hahaha. They are great.
AND THEY KEEP THEIR COMMITMENT TO READ!!! We were sooo happy. That's the first time they have ever kept a commitment to do anything. We had a really good lesson on the Plan of Salvation. Towards the end of the lesson, Herr Frenzel wanted to know how he could find out if that's all true. We have talked about prayer so many times so we were starting to get frustrated because it just wasn't sinking in. We had to be very very frank and bold and I told him that he will never receive an answer about anything unless he prays. Nothing will ever change if nothing ever changes! I think that sunk in because when we asked him to say the closing prayer, he actually said it!!!!! We literally cheered at the end because we were so excited. He has never prayed before, alone or with us, so it was a huggggeeee step!! We have spent the last 8 weeks trying to get him to understand why prayer is so important. Progress people. Even if it takes weeks! :)

Sunday was really cool too!! We had almost more investigators at church then members!! Haha I mean our ward is about 10 people so it's not that hard to beat but still :p. The Frenzels came, Annerose (we didn't know she was coming... She just came) and Ilsa Kenn. Ilsa lives in Nordhausen but is being taught by the Erfurt elders because... She likes them more I guess.. I don't know. Anyways, shes about 60 and her boyfriend is an inactive member that introduced her to the church. She knows it is all true and wants to get baptized really bad, but she doesn't want to come to church. Well she and her boyfriend came this week to church! You could tell she kind of didn't want to be there, and it probably didn't help that Herr Frenzel burst out laughing at the word geknirscht... which is contrite in German. He was laughing so hard he had to leave the building. Ahhhh... Herr Frenzel. And yeah when you only have 10 people at church that could get pretty distracting. Since the Erfurt Elders are both leaving we will get to teach Ilsa now. She's ready, she just needs a testimony of church.

Well, this week was crazy but I learn so much everyday. My testimony is being strengthened every day, especially here in Nordhausen where we need lots of faith and hard work.
I love you all and hope you all have a great week!
Here's my address in case you forgot ;)

Töpfer strasse 15
99734 nordhausen

Xoxo sister Leavitt


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