September 12, 2016




Sister Mogensen


Heeeeelllo, again :p

The weeks and days all blur together so I'll see if I can remember everything, or just the important stuff.

Monday we had a lesson with Tobias, the guy we met in Bielen. We talked about our role as missionaries and how we can help him. He is super super cool. A lot of his ideas align with the gospel! He thinks that we shouldn't baptize children because they don't know what kind of promise they are making, we are created by a supreme being and we shouldn't miss use our bodies, we should strive to have a personal relationship with God and actually live how he would want us to live, ect. So basically he's awesome. He is a really deep thinker and knows there is a God but just as most Germans, doesn't know why he would let terrible things happen, such as the holocaust. He's pretty much golden and so ready to hear the gospel. We just have to help him through a few things, such as prayer :p. We have another appointment with him next week!

Tuesday we had an interview with the news paper..... Funny story actually... We met a guy on the street and we told him we were missionaries. He said he didn't have time to talk right then but we could exchanged numbers and make an appointment later. We thought "hey cool he actually wants to meet... We will call him later in the week".
Then a lady named Antonia called us and wanted to meet. We had no idea who she was but hey, as a missionary when people wanna meet... You meet. Long story short the man sent her to interview us for the news paper. So, yeah that was weird. They did a story about what we are doing here and what we do as missionaries. Not sure how we managed to get an interview with the newspaper, but hopefully something good will come from it haha.
We had an eating appointment with the Kerings from our ward, the couple from Hungary. Oh my, they are the cutest, most wonderful people ever. They taught us some Hungarian so that was cool. I can now say thank you and hi. Anyways, then they wanted to take us to go see Mittelbau-dora concentration camp here in Nordhausen. There isn't much there anymore but you can see all the remains of the building and everything. It was really interesting and sad of course. Szabina, the wife wants to be a tour guide there but her German isn't quite good enough yet. So she was practicing with us and telling us all the history.
We had another lessons with the Frenzels.... And lets just say that we are stuck. They arn't keeping commitments so we aren't sure what to do.
They do come to church every week though.
This Sunday they came to church but the husband didn't want to come in because he " had to much in his head." Church had already started but he was still just standing outside. A few members left and tried to talk to him but nothing worked. Finally sister Mogensen went out and told him that he needed to go inside and sit down. She practically had to yell at him (lovingly of course) and drag him inside.... But he came and then sat down next to his wife. Hahah they are something else.

We had exchanges this week in Hannover! It was the first time I had ever been outside of East Germany... So that was weird, but cool. I'm not sure why but there are a tooooon of Africans in Hannover and the sisters there are in charge of the English program because they all speak English. On Friday with the Hannover sisters we did what they call "African finding". Its just like regular klingling but you only klingle the African names and tell them you want to talk about Jesus and they let you right in. Its awesome. .

We didn't actually do a lot of finding this week, but we still had plenty of adventures. Like when we locked ourselves out of our apartment. We knocked on our neighbors door and said we were locked out. She knew who we were and said that all we could do was call a lock smith.
So we left and didn't know how we were going to call because we didn't have a number or money because it would probably be expensive. We walked back to the main floor and decided that the only thing we could do was say a prayer. In the middle of our prayer, they lady walked out of the elevator and told us to come with her. We were surprised because she couldn't have known where we were or that we needed any more help. She let us in her apartment and found a number to call and helped us with everything we needed. Little angel in disguise. It was cool to see how fast our prayer got answered! And we eventually got back into our apartment. Yay haha.

Missions are awesome. I love being here! There is much more I want to say but time is running short and this email is already long enough. So, I will leave it at that! Tschüß!!


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