August 29, 2016




Sister Mogensen

Aloha America

Aloha America,

Besides the weather, this week was fabulous....and hard....and hilarious.

Something that our mission president has been focusing on lately is talking to EVERYBODY that we see. There is a bunch of renovation going on in our building and while leaving our apartment we decided to talk to one of the workers. He said he didn't have interest so we left it at that. Then the next day when leaving our apartment after studies, we opened the door and found flowers and a note from him hahaha. He didn't want to talk about the church but " wanted to get to know us through coffee".. Oh man. That's what we get for talking to everyone... Creepy people who now know where we live.....

We don't have many people to teach so must of our day is just finding and klingeling (knocking). I've learned that finding can actually be really fun because you meet a lot of crazy people with crazy ideas and you always have weird things happen. Like the time an old man opened the door without pants on.... Or when another guy told us that the purpose of life is to " get married, build a house, plant a tree, and maybe have a kid if you have time". Uhhhh...kay. We also have a lot of window conversations, people yelling at us ( its a lot funnier in German), talking to a young mother who told us that she doesn't want to live with her family after this life????, and becoming homies with the local DJ and helping him decide which crazy suit to buy for his next gig in exchange for listening to a message about Jesus Christ..... Missions are weird :p We work so hard here just to find people to teach. We are always trying to give a little more, pray a little harder, and be a little more what Heavenly Father needs us to be so that we can do what he needs us to do here. It's been tough planning at night and literally just writing "finding" for a solid 6 hour block. Being here in Nordhausen has allowed me to work the hardest I've ever worked and to learn how not to complain about it, haha. It's great, but always a work in progress :p

We have a older couple that we are teaching right now named the Frenzels. The senior couple that was here in Nordhausen was working with them and invited them to the temple open house. When we started teaching them they told us that they really wanted to go to the open house! Sooo this week was the last week it was open before it gets dedicated on Sunday. Anyways, we had been trying to figure out how to get them to the temple all week, and were calling around and asking people and organizing and reorganizing and nothing seemed to be working out. They have a car but they are to scared to drive on the autobahn.... And don't have money to take the 4 hour train ride there.
We wanted to go with them to answer questions and help them and what not but we also didn't have a way there. Between Sister Mogensen and I we had about 40 Euro, and the tickets usually cost 50 Euro per person for one way. Long story short, it was Friday morning and we just couldn't get anything figured out on how we would get us all there. Friday afternoon the Frenzels called us and said "we are on our way to the temple! We are being brave enough to drive on the autobahn... Are you coming?" There was no way we could drop everything, buy tickets and make it there and back in 1 day, so we just decided they can go without us and hope it works out okay. We were just glad that they were going to go.......... Until they called us 2 hours later and said they turned around half way there because they were scared on the autobahn... OH MY GOODNESS!! Are you serious??? Nothing was going right so we of course just prayed for help. It was so important to us to get them there. So, another long story short, after spending the rest of the day trying to figured it out, we found a member who would take them. We then got to the train station 10 minutes before it closed and somehow miraculously managed to get a 2 person, round trip ticket for 30€!!!
Prayer works people.
So we woke up at 4:30 the next morning, got on a train and met them there in Freiberg at the temple. And it was absolutely amazing. We went through a tour together and at the end of the tour the husband, Joachim burst into tears. He said: " I am very disappointed with my soul. I don't know how I could be so cold and faithless". The Frenzels have been investigating for a few years and just couldn't seem to believe or get any confirmation. He said he knew he needed to change and then promptly asked if he could see the baptismal font in the church building right next to the temple. The wife said she came out of the temple and just had goosebumps all over, even though it was 95 degrees outside. It was really amazing to see them feel the strength and spirit of the temple. They also hadn't been to church in a long while but the next day they said they would come to church, and that they did!!! :) We were so so so grateful for all the tiny miracles that happened to allow us to get to the temple with them. And I got to see my favorite Lucy from Gera!

While we were waiting at the train station to go back home, sister Mogensen wanted to talk to 2 people who were also waiting for their train, and tell them about the open house. I figured they wouldn't have interest since their train was coming in 10 minutes, but I guess Sister Mogensen has more faith than I do because she walked over to her and said " Did you go to the open house? It's only open to the public for 3 more hours...It's a really amazing opportunity, you should go." The lady said back to her "Oh I heard about that and wanted to go! But I didn't know today was the last day.....Man, I really wanted to go."
She thanked us and we went and sat down. A few minutes later when their train showed up, only the guy got on but the lady had left to go to the temple before it closed. Man, I wasn't even going to talk to them because of doubt. I have now learned though. We don't know what happened to her but the temple could have quite possibly changed her life, all because Sister Mogensen wanted to talk to them. I'm definitely learning a lot from her. She's so faithful and such an example to me.

Sunday we had an eating appointment with a member and she told us to "Be punctual or turn around and go home" (typical German). We had another appointment right before her with the Frenzels and they kept talking and talking and then he had to look for his magnifying glass so he could read Sister Mogensen's ipad.( hahahah funniest sight ever) and then by that point we only had 20 minutes until we needed to be to our dinner appointment.... Anddddd it was a 30 minute walk. So we did what any smart missionaries would do. We Ran. Through the forest. We didn't have time to go around. I was not wearing a flowy skirt and it was 95 degrees with 80% humidity. Everything fell out of my back pack at one point, but we made it there right at 5:30 muahahah. We were soaked in sweat but we made it. Yup, missions are weird.

Anyways, I am learning more and more how important the gospel is and what a great gift it is. I'm so grateful I am here, learning all that I'm learning. I can't quite describe how big of an impact being here as had on my testimony and future. God is good :)

I love you all. I pray for all my friends and family every day. Please don't forget how amazing the temple is and how amazing the Gospel of Jesus Christ is. Byeeee , until next week :)


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