August 22, 2016




Sister Mogensen

Guten Tag!

Guten Tag! This week was fabulous as always.
We were at the temple all week still helping with the open house!
It was pretty much a dream week. We didn't have to wake up at 6:30 , we were allowed to go sight seeing until 2:30 and then start helping with the temple at 2:30 just answering peoples questions and collecting the self referral cards.
There was so many people that showed up from all over Germany!
About 1000 people would show up every week day and on Saturday we had about 2500 people come! On Saturday we got to the temple at 11:30 am to start helping and there was already a huge line (almost out of the gates) of people waiting for a tour.
I talked to so many people who said that they have been to the 1985, 2002, and now 2016 rededicated open house for the Freiberg temple. Just as it says in Alma 34:32 " For behold, this life is the time for man to prepare to meet God". Its amazing to see how this temple has changed lives. Many of the people who have been to all 3 of the Freiberg open houses are not members, but because of the opportunity they had to go inside, they are just a little closer in their understanding of the temple and what it signifies. Even though they haven't been baptized (yet ;) ) they are still coming just a tiny bit closer to Christ as they learn about the holy temple.
When President Monson dedicated the land of Germany in the 70's he said "We invoke a blessing upon the nonmembers in this land, that they may be touched in their hearts, that they may respond to the examples which the members set before them. Arouse within them a curiosity concerning the Church, and then cause that this curiosity may turn to a desire to know more, and then that this desire to know more will result in conversion to the gospel and that the membership of the Church may stabilize and indeed grow." It is 40 years later and as a missionary I can see that happening because of the temple open house. Many many non members came, were touched with the feeling they felt and the love from the members, and left leaving their information so missionaries can come teach them more.
One non member woman that came said that she could notice the smiles on all the members faces there helping and that they were real smiles. They were truly happy and radiant. My testimony has grown so much in these past 2 weeks from being on the temple grounds and helping others understand the importance of the temple.
On Thursday my job was to sit in the temple just outside the sealing room and open the door for everyone leaving. Pretty hard work huh? Hah, I was there for about 7 hours just listening to the tours and then letting people out. They forgot I was in there and didn't even come and get me for dinner but I wasn't even mad because the temple was just so beautiful and wonderful.
I also saw all my favorite people this week!! Sister Bills, my trainer, came back to Germany with her family and I almost cried when I saw her. I saw my old Gera and Leipzig wards and all my favorite peeps from Jena. Long story short, this whole mission thing is amazing and I couldn't be any happier sharing the gospel.
Sunday we had to come back to Nordhausen and leave Freiberg and Dresden. It was a nice little vacation from regular missionary life but I'm just as excited to be back in my area. A 5 hour train ride, which always ends up being a struggle because train systems are ridiculous, but there is so much work to be done here that its nice being back and getting back to work. As a Zone we had 21 self referrals in the last week... Which is like insane for a European mission! So many people to teach and lives to bless! :)
That's all for now. I love you of you so much! Thanks for all the prayers and kind words every week! Tschuss🇩🇪✌🏻️


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