August 15, 2016




Sister Mogensen


So this week was quite wonderful.💛💛

On Tuesday we had a "Harvest day". When Elder Charles of the 70 was here last week he told President Fingerle that he thinks we should have a "harvest day". Just like in D&C 4 ( if you are or were a missionary you already know what I'm going to say) where it says that the fields are white already to harvest. As a mission we dedicated Tuesday to be a day where everyone will find a new investigator by talking to EVERYONE and giving a commitment to everyone we talk to. So Tuesday we got out bright and early right after studies and went
Ahhh its was actually super super cool! We literally spent the entire day from 11 am-9pm outside talking to as many people as we could.
President told us to pray specifically before we left our apartment and then to expect miracles. Every time a companionship found a new investigator they would text president and then he would send it out as a group text. Our phone went off all day, with all the wonderful miracles everyone in the mission was seeing.

Soooo this week was the FREIERG TEMPLE OPEN HOUSE!!! We have been waiting for this for a long long time and now its here! We traveled to Freiberg early Thursday morning which took about 5 hours. Ive been on so many trains these past 2 weeks then i ever thought i would in my whole life. The one we took seriously looked like the train in harry potter 1 when they are on their way to Hogwarts haha. Anyways, we got there and had a temple orientation about what we would be doing and how to do it. The Freiberg temple is absolutely beautiful!!! Ahhh my gosh I cant even describe how beautiful it is. We will be here, working at the temple until the 21st!

The open house started Friday, and The sisters jobs are to help people with the überzieschuhe (aka the white shoe covering thingys), give the
10 minute presentation/video before the tour and answer questions and what not at the end of their tour. The first thing they had me do when we got there was sit just outside the sealing room and help people take their shoe covering off as they existed the temple. It was so cool to be able to just sit and look into the sealing room and listen to the tour guides talking about the sealing room. At one point I heard a senior missionary giving a tour and explaining the room. He told the group about how he had a little baby boy that died. He explained the comfort and relief he felt knowing that he had been sealed in the temple to his wife and that his children were sealed to him. He started to cry and the spirit was so strong as i listened to him talk about the power of the sealing ordinance.

I surprisingly met a lot of people from Arizona on Friday and a part of the temple video we show, shows a little bit of the Gilbert temple. Oh my I felt like I was right at home, even though I am half way across the world from my real home. The Freiberg temple will always have a special little "home" feeling for me.
At the end of the day it was dark, raining, and they were getting ready to close everything up. Sister Jones, a senior missionary, said she would take all the sisters on a tour through the temple just before we had to leave. Everyone had already gone and only the people cleaning the temple were left. We hadn't had the chance to actually see all the temple yet before then. Its a very small temple but absolutely beautiful. We saw the baptismal font and sister Jones told us why they use oxen for the baptismal font. I learned that the symbol for Ephraim is an ox, and Ephraim's job is to usher in the second coming. How amazing is that??? We saw the gorgeous brides room, the celestial room, and then we ended at the sealing room. All us sisters sat in the sealing room together and sister Jones told us about how she had been in-active for 25 years. It was sister missionaries who helped re-activate her. She told us how thankful she was that all of us would give up 18 months to come on a mission. Of course we were all crying hahah because there was so much love in that beautiful sealing room.

This week has been really crazy living with 7 sisters in 1 apartment, driving back and forth from Dresden to Freiberg everyday in our gigantic bus filled with 10 sisters, getting to sleep in until 8:30 everyday, and getting stung by a hornet and having to go to the ER at
11 pm at night...

Anyways, If you haven't been to the temple in a while, you should go.
I know it strengthens testimonies and brings you closer to Christ and your Heavenly Father, and nothing in the world is more important than that! Sacrifice just a little bit of time and go.

I love you all and am so grateful for all the love and prayers you send my way. I feel them everyday! Aufwiedersehen! 🇩🇪😇

P.S sorry for the picture overload.... I took over 300 pictures in the past 2 days that i had to decide between....I'm just in the coolest mission ever.


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