July 25, 2016




Sister Gines

Week number.....uh...

Aloha, Buenos Dias, hello, guten tag,

Well, to be honest I really just don't know how to start these things anymore without saying that "This week was great" because really, this whole mission mission thing is great.

Some cool things that happened this week:
We got to go to Berlin again!! We had exchanges with the Glienicka sisters, Sister Sommerfield our STL, and her companion Sister Evans. I seriously just love Berlin so much. I'm almost positive I'm serving the the coolest mission ever, sorry:p. Anyways ya, tausch (exchanges) were really good! I got to go by some less active people with Sister Sommerfield. The first person we went to a lady answered the door, let us in and led us to a room where her dad was. Apparently she's not a member but her dad is, but he is super old and super sick so of course he can't come to church. He has been sick for 18 years and he can't talk, sit up, or even eat. He was on a feeding tube and bed ridden. It was really sad to see, but we decided that we would sing him some hymns! We sang "Nearer my God to Thee". He couldn't talk but we both noticed how happy he got when we were singing! It was really sweet to feel his sweet, humble spirit :) After a lot of running through Berlin, hopping on and off of straßenbahns (street trains), running through the gigantic Berlin Train Station to catch our train, missing our train, waiting an hour for the next train, and getting a call from the elders asking us if we forgot about our English class in 5 minutes( oops)..... We finally made it back to Leipzig. Missions, they keep things interesting haha.
On Wednesday We had zone training meeting! Since I am in a new zone I got to meet a lot of new missionaries. Because our mission is so big and so spread out, you only really know the people in your district or zone and it makes it hard to meet other missionaries. Anywho, Sister Gines and I gave a thema (I don't know what you call those in English?) on the Doctrine of Christ! We had been planning and planning for it but nothing was really sticking and nothing really felt 100%, but once we got up there and started talking things came smoothly and it went really good! Haha thaaaank yoooou Holy ghost. We shared how the gospel is like a recipe. If you want the recipe to turn out just right, you have to follow every step, and use every ingredient it calls for. Just like you need ALL 5 points of the gospel. Elder L Tom Perry said "In many cookbooks there are pictures of the perfect dishes that recipes make. These pictures are important because they help us envision the outcome if we strictly follow the directions as given in the recipe.
It is important to begin with the end in mind, but the end represented by pictures in cookbooks is an end that is only possible if everything is done right. If directions are not followed or an ingredient is left out or miscalculated, the desired taste and appearance are seldom attained. The picture of a perfect dish, however, can serve as motivation to try again to create something that is both delicious and beautiful. When we think of eternal life, what is the picture that comes to mind?" We must follow the gospel of Jesus Christ to have eternal life!! :)

On Friday, I think there was crazy juice in the water here in Leipzig. It was a realllly strange day. We decided that we were going to go by inactive members pretty much all day, because we didn't have any set appointments and because in Germany there are a looooot of inactive people. While walking through the town, a random drunk man tried to hug Sister Gines, we saw the crazy Mormon hater guy being chased down by security, an inactive member sister Kilic almost made me hold her tarantula, we saw a demonstration which was parading through town, and a crazy man with no shoes on who told us that :" schuhe nicht gut" aka shoes not good.... To say I was pooped Friday night is an understatement. Sometimes I just have to remind myself that everyone is a child of God... Even the crazies :p But we did have a good lesson about chastity with Frau Bishof! It went really well, seeing that I had never taught it before. She's awesome, I love when we get to meet with her :)

I also hit my 6 month mark this week woop woop!
On Sunday I finished reading The Book of Mormon for the second time on my mission! My testimony and love for the scriptures has grown so much since being on a mission. Heavenly father has really given us so many tools to help us overcome our trails, find joy in life, get answers, learn how to become more like Christ, and a million other things that would take forever to write. BUT I know with my entire heart AND mind that the Book of Mormon really is our tool to help us with all those things. It's our flashlight in a dark scary cave (the world) and our helpline to get us through anything. How amazing is that??? It's my source of testimony and I know it will bless the lives of all who read it, study it, and pray earnestly about it. I know that every single chapter, page, and verse is the word of God!

I get to share that every day :) It's hard and tiring. I go to bed every night tired, and wake up even more tired, but it's simply worth it to share what I know with these crazy Germans :) I love you all! Have a superb week and feel free to write me, if you so desire ;)
Xoxo- Sister Leavitt


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