July 11, 2016




Sister Gines


Happy Monday!
I made it to Leipzig! It was a struggle to drag all of my luggage on and off of trains but I'm here and its amazing! Leipzig is so big and beautiful!! So many people, I wasn't used to it at all.
We are very busy here, and we had a good week!
We have an investigator named Frau Bishof! She's awesome. We went and got some ice cream with her, and then had a lesson. She's been investigating for about 2 months and she's made a lot of progress. The first time I met her, I instantly just had so much love for her! She's 29 and she's pretty quite and quirky. Ahh, I just want to be her best friend, haha. The Elder's 2nd program in Leipzig got closed so we get to teach her now. They already taught her the first 3 lessons so we are working on the commandments with her. She says she hasn't felt the Holy Ghost yet, and doesn't have the spiritual confirmation that it's true yet. But we are working on it (: She came to the Leipzig Elders baptism for Dennis on Saturday, and it was really good!
For the baptism on Saturday The Elders asked us to fill up the font for them a few hours before the baptism. We got there and realized we didn't have keys to get into the baptismal font rooms. BUT SISTERS ALWAYS FIND SOLUTIONS......So I had to climb over the front of the font in a pencil skirt and turn the water on, and then hangout in the steps of the font until the Elders came and let me out, hahah.The baptism was really good. My favorite thing about every baptism is the feeling in the room right as they come out of the water and they just stand there for a few seconds smiling. I love being a missionary and being able to see and feel that these Children of God are taking steps closer to eternal life. Nothing is more important than that! (:
Of course, the Sisters got scouted to bake cookies. And now matter how terrible your American cookie recipe is, Germans LOVE American cookies, hahaha. Everyone at the baptism thought we were pro bakers (;
We have 2 wards that we go to on Sunday. The wards here are fairly big for Germany and they are all so wonderful! Ahhh, so loving and welcoming, its the best. It's pretty tiring though. 6 hours of church is awesome, but it really gets to ya. I was tryng my hardest not to fall asleep. As a missionary any time you have a little time to stop and just sit you really realize just how tired you are :P I usually can concentrate really hard and listen really hard to everything in sacrament, but by the time third hour comes my brain shuts off. BUT the spirit is the same even if I don't know what is being said.
We are lucky enough here to have a RIZ building. I'm not sure what it stands for, but it's just an institute building with classrooms and stuff. We teach an English class here twice a week!
My new district has 10 missionaries! I'm in a new area, District, and zone so I got to meet a lot of new missionaries. Surprise, surprise, I'm the only one not from Utah. We have a super awesome district leader named Elder Allen. My new companion is Sister Gines from St. George, Utah. She's super cool, and she has the amazing title of being my 7th companion, hahaha:P This transfer is going to be filled with miracles, and of course crazy adventures! Thanks for the emails and keep em coming (; I hope you all have a wunderbar week (:


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