July 10, 2016

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We made it home!

Hello my sweet little missionary!
Well we finally made it home safe and sound. It was an incredible trip and we got to see so many interesting places. We were able to visit 6 new temples and go inside 4 of them but 2 of them were not open while we were there. The Indianapolis and Kansas City temples, and of course the Washington DC temple, were especially beautiful. I can’t believe how large the DC temple is. There is more square footage in the Salt Lake temple but I think the DC building is the largest in the world. When we went to the Oklahoma City Temple there was a group from a YSA ward in Wichita, Kansas that had come down to do baptisms but didn’t know that if you are endowed you have to bring your own family names so they weren’t going to be able to do any baptisms and then low and behold Kevin and I show up from Mesa, Arizona with a whole stack of family names that needed baptisms, so I let them do them. They were so excited. Gee, coincidence? I think not. Funny how these things work out. By the way, the names that you found and released to me, you need to re-release them because we were out of town for three weeks and the deadline for accepting the names is only 2 weeks. Also, I have found a whole bunch of German names from the Measer family that need to be done. Once the Freiberg Temple re-opens I can send you some if you get the chance to go. They are all from Saxony so I think that would be really neat to be able to do them there in Germany.
Back to our trip, we spent a few days with Logan before heading to DC and even went to Catholic Mass in the Basilica in St Louis. That was interesting and kind of fun.
The day everyone was flying into DC there was a huge storm and the airport closed down for 24 hours. Everyone was stranded at various airports all over the US and Brandon was freaking out and asking for everyone to pray for a miracle. Many people ended up renting cars and driving the rest of the way to DC. Kevin and I just followed the storm east but never really got into it, in fact we had a lovely drive with lots of low hanging clouds. By Wednesday when it came time to start recording pretty much everyone had made it. There were 469 participant who came to DC so we were quite the group. We recorded for 4 days and then gave a concert on Friday night. Saturday we ended the tour by filming and singing on the steps of the Jefferson Memorial.
Lucky for us we were able to stay another week with Kevin’s old high school buddy right there in DC. They had a huge 7 bedroom house but they were gone most of the time so your dad and I had the house all to ourselves. Over the next week we went to 4 of the presidents homes and spent time on the mall in DC. Dad went crazy with all the gardens everywhere. He now has all these plans to do something in our back yard, like build a green house. Honestly the man should have gotten his degree in horticulture and just became a professional gardener. He would have been so happy. We also went to 2 civil war battel fields, Bull Run and Gettysburg. Dad had no idea that Gettysburg was so large. They have built a new visitors center since we were there and it is really nice. We went on the 24 mile driving tour and it took us all day long to see everything. The whole trip brought back lots of memories from when we went with Janet and Jerry and you were just a little bitty thing. My how time flies!
On the way back home we stopped in St Louis and picked up Logan. He came to Mesa with us so he could spend a few days with Shalayne who is here doing her internship. We decided to stop in Independence Missouri on the way and see the Liberty Jail where Joseph Smith was imprisoned and go to the Visitors Center there. Now I have seen all the major church historic sites.
I uploaded about 14 pictures on the website so you can go there to see them. They are listed by date so they are mixed in with your photos but you should be able to find them fairly easy. I can also upload this letter and attach them to the letter so that would be even easier.
So, how is Leipzig? Where is your companion from? You have had more companions in the 5 months that you have been out then I had my entire mission. There was only 4 or 5 Spanish speaking sisters in my mission so that really limited our choices of companion. I hope all is well and you are settling into your new area. I look forward to hearing about your latest adventures.
Oh, are you getting Adam’s emails? If not let me know and I can forward them to you. Also, send me your address there in Leipzig.
Love you to pieces! XOXO

Hey!! you made it home!!
The pictures look so beautiful! I hope you had a lot of fun (: What songs did you record? Now you've been to all the historical sites! We will have to go back when I'm home hehe. I wanna see them all too! I love church history and Joseph Smith History.
I will release those names again today, if I dont forget haha. I haven't been able to find very many names. hmmm, I'll keep looking. The temple Open house is only a few weeks away! I'm not entirely sure if we will be allowed to do a session or not but we will see. I'm pretty sure my German is good enough, I just need to learn more vocab. My German is getting a lot better though. I always get complimented on how good my German is....I definitly can get a lot better though. Idk, youll have to see in december if its gotten better or not :p
Leipzig is awesome! Its so big and busy. There are a lot of cool buildings around. I haven't had a chance to take any pictures because we are always going going going, but most of the pictures you uploaded are things close to me that I've seen. The tram system is a lot more complex, haha. Gera only had 3 liniers, but leipzig has 15. And you know me, I'm directionless so its been fun :P We have a pretty cool investigator though. Her name is Frau Bishof. She is 29, I think, and she's really shy, quirky and kinda awkward, but I love her!! Ah man, She has only been meeting with missionaries for 2 months, but we think she'll be ready soon, She doesn't think so, but we will see.
The Leipzig elders had a baptism on Saturday! Frau Bishof came to it. It was really nice. Not a lot of people came but that's okay. The elders asked us to fill up the font for them a few hours before the baptism. We got there and realized we didn't have keys to get into the baptisaml font rooms. So I had to climb over the front of the font in my skirt and turn the water on, and then hangout in the steps of the font until the elders came and let me out, hahah.
We also had a reallllllllyyyy gross morning...
So before I got here, the sisters cleaned out the fridge and threw out all the old food....but they didn't take the trash out to the dumpster. Well the kitchen had been smelling really gross, and i didn't know there was old food in the garbage. So I took the garbage bag out of the pale and the bag broke and old rotten food AND MAGGOTS went EVERYWHERE!! I had never smelled anything so gross in my entire life. Not even in daycare... oh man. It took us quite some time to figure out how to even clean it up.... so gross. I might have nightmares of maggots for the rest of my life. We finally got it cleaned up for the most part...but now I'm scarred for life. So that was fun.
Anywho, my new companion is Sister Gines ( I think I spelled it wrong last week), from St. George Utah. This is her 3rd transfer out. Everyone in the mission is fairly new because of the fluctuation of the age change. There are only 2 sisters in the mission who have been out longer than a year, and then there is a huge gap between them and the next set of sisters. So all the sisters are young. There are a bunch of sisters who are training after only being out for a transfer or 2.
Well, anywhooo not much else to say. Oh, my new address is:
Gerberstrasse 18 #916
04105 Leipzig
Sister Gines is my 7th companion on the mission so far. I think Sister Gines and I will be here together for a while here though. It's only her 2nd transfer in Leipzig.
And yes I'm getting Adams emails! I was going to ask you if you are getting them. Do his parents send it to you? Haha, you can probably talk to him in Spanish :P
And I did get your package!!! Thank you so much (: I think I said "Awhhh, I love my mom! My mom is the best!" probably 10 times, haha.
P.S you look so good mama! So skinny, you are probably more fit than I am right now... I don't know why but I keep gaining weight! I don't know how to make it stop, hahah. I've gained 20 pounds since being in Germany...I've never had love handles before, but now i definitely do. Most of my skirts don't fit me...I don't know what to do with myself. Its terrible.
Hope Dad is feeling better! I'm terrible, but i forgot to say happy Fathers day!!! I love you dad, you are my favorite dad and the best one too! Sorry I'm late, time gets away from you on the mission and before you know it its already July. Next week is my 6 month mark. Which means I'm 1/3 deep and in 3 months I'll be half way!! It's so crazy. I can't even imagine leaving right now. Too much work to do!!
Tell Kyler I say hi and to email me back.
LOVE you!!
XOXO Sister Aubrey Leavitt


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