June 27, 2016




Sister Jackson

Fußball, food, and flamin testimonies.

We have had some of the hottest days of the year this week. 97 degrees with 75% humidity.... So naturally its been fabulous.

Okay, enough of the boring weather

On Tuesday we helped a member in her garden! Culture fact: Germans LOVE gardening. Everyone lives in apartments but they all have a place they either buy or rent where they have their garden. Its suuuper cute! Everyone has a garden.... Everyone. Sooo naturally the Berlin missionaries looove helping people in their gardens!!
We also had a lesson with a man named Reiner Schultz! He was an old contact that we randomly decided to call, and we made an appointment! We taught the first lesson of course, and it was really good. He is pretty strong in his Evangelish church but it was a good lesson about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. Turns out he already has a Book of Mormon, so we committed him to start reading it and praying about what we talked about.
Then we had an appointment with a less active, Schwester Riemann, and we just read in the scriptures with her. The scriptures are so simple yet so powerful!!
We also went to sommerfest!!! Germans love any excuse to have a party and celebrate haha. Sommerfest is a festival to welcome in the first day of summer. They had little bands playing all around the city, and lots of German traditional food stands. OH NOT TO MENTION THAT THE BIGGEST FUßBALL GAME WAS THE SAME DAY, so the town was pretty crazy. Soccer season in Germany is ridiculoussssss! Its about 5X worse than Americans and football. They set up a giant public viewing screen and everyone in the city stood around and watched the game. Haha it was so typical European :p

On Wednesday we had district meeting in Jena. We talked a lot about the temple. We are all trying to prepare ourselves for the temple open house in August! The sisters will be able to be temple guides so we are preparing all we can to be able to talk about how amazing the Freiberg temple is! Learning about German history, it amazes me that we even have a temple here.
When President Monson (then Elder Monson) dedicated this land in 1975 he said "Heavenly Father, wilt thou open up the way that the faithful may be accorded the privilege of going to thy holy temple, there to receive their holy endowments and to be sealed as families for time and all eternity." 10 years later The first temple on German soil was dedicated in Freiberg in Saxony in the year 1985!
Woahhhh, that was before the wall even came down! I feel so privileged to have a temple here, and its not even my home land. The Freiberg temple will always remind me of how faithful the saints are here, and how many faithful people are waiting to hear the gospel and receive the blessings of the temple.

Because we looooove the members so much, we decided that we wanted to do a "ward member visit day". Sister Jackson and I ( okay lets be real Sister Jackson made them, because I cant bake) made about 100 cookies and included quotes about member missionary work and visited as many members as missionarily possible. Okay, as I'm sure you know... There aren't very many members... We have about 80 people in our ward BUT THIS WAS A TASK LEMME TELL YA. But it was really cool to see how excited the members got when we visited them with cookies!

We met with Peter and his wife Beate again! We are starting to review the missionary lessons with him. We taught the First lesson, and the spirit was so strong. Every time we teach about the first vision I have to hold back tears because I have a new testimony of Joseph Smith and everything he did over and over again. It's amazing. I love teaching because of course we get to help people learn how SO TOTALLY FANTASTIC the gospel is, and also, because I learn something new every time we get to teach.

Transfers are already next week wuuuuuut. I'm anxious to see if ill stay here or leave. President Fingerles favorite thing is transfer call curveballs. We have practically been living out of our car since we have to drive between two areas BUT it has heated seats.... Just in time for summer!!!
Ive learned to love this little town of Gera, the members, my companion and even all the sketchy public transportation.


Xoxo Sister Leavitt ✌🏻️💛


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