June 20, 2016




Sister Jackson

Climb the mountain of consecration

Welp, here i am again...
And of course it was an amazing week. Not sure how to go about explain the mission life anymore, but ill try anyways.

Monday we were in Jena for District p-day to play laser tag with the elders! But since elders planned this little event, it didnt go over well. Short version of the story: We ended up just hiking a mountain in Jena. It was suuuuper pretty at the top! But, the climb up, not so pretty. It was super steep and super slippery...and elders being elders, wanted to take fastest way up, AKA the shortcuts through the trees and what not. Anywho, we finally made it to the top! Elder Greaves gave a little spiritual thought about consecration. He said " A mission is like climbing a mountain, you can take the easy way up, with the smooth roads, and no plants to fight your way through. If you go this way you will still make it to the top. OR you can take the road less traveled and get to the top as fast as possible. Its the same with a mission. We can slowly become a dedicated/consecrated missionary while staying on the most comfortable path, and we will still become a good missionary and come out on top. OR we can become the greatest version of ourselves the fastest way possible. Sometimes its hard, and you have to fight your way through trees and mud, and other gross things, but you will make it to the top faster. The faster you become dedicated/consecrated, the more time you will have as a missionary to be that person, and to see miracles."

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we had tausch (exchanges) with the Freiberg sisters! I was with Sister Porter here in Gera. We have a grand total of 0 people we are teaching in Gera right now, so most of our days here are spent finding. Sister Porter and i took about 4 hours and went by every contact that we had with an address. Everyone here lives in apartments so knocking isnt really a thing. BUT Klingling is! everyone has a door bell outside the building, and you talk to them through a little speaker thing. Now, finding for 4 hours is just miserable, no matter who you are. So you make a game out of it (; We decided that we were going to klingel everyone who was on our contact list and take turns talking. The object of the game is to see how long you can talk to them through their little speaker before they hang up on you, AND get as many gospel principles in as you can: MUAHA the things that make missionaries happy. anywho, we went by pretty much the entire city of Gera. That was fun. Then we had to tausch back and go pick up our companions.

Since we dont have very many people we are teaching right now, we do a lot of finding. Either street contacting, or klingling. On Friday Sister Jackson and I decided to go by a man on our contact list named Thomas Furhmann. We klingled him and he let us into the building. The first thing he said was " ayyyy the mormons!!" haha, we talked to him for a few minutes, and then made an appointment with him. He was superrr nice. Before we left he said he had a gift for us haha. He went into his house and come back out with these super cool mugs of Gera!

On Saturday, we helped Bruder Krause with a marathon thingy that he put on. There were houndreds of people there to run this 46 Km run.....crazy people. That was pretty cool! The weather is totally crazy at the moment though. In the span of 4 hours that we were standing out there helping, it was hot, then started to get super windy, rained, got super sunny, then humid, then rained again, then the sun came back out. Not sure how im feeling about this German weather :P

We also got a brand new car on saturday...we are pretty spoiled here in Gera :P

Something that i read in a talk this week during personal study that i want to share with you: "We come to know the Savior when we allow Him into our lives. When are hearts are open and receptive, we become more like him. It is then that we discover he has been with us all the time"
I can testify that the single most important thing in this earthly life is to learn how to become more like our Heavenly Father. We are literally his children, and have the capacity to become like him. I invite you all to open your hearts and pray to know what we can do to accomplish that! How amazing is our Father in Heaven, he is always with us, but we must allow him into our lives to fully recognize that he is there with us, and always has been.
This gospel is so amazing, and I cant fully describe or put into words, how much of a gift this gospel is. I see people everyday who struggle with different things, and every time i recognize a point of the gospel that can help them. Every time.
My testimony of this church and the Gospel has grown so much in my short 5 months in Germany, and i will always be forever grateful for my time to build Gods kingdom.

Im sending my love all the way from the East Side
xoxo Sister Leavitt


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