May 30, 2016




Sister Garnett

Gooooodbye transfer numba 2!!

Gooooooood morning all of my favorite people,

Another week has gone by, and yet another TRANSFER! This is madness I tell you.
Yes my friends, yet another transfer, and I’m getting transferred to........Berlin!!

Nah just kidding, I get to stay in the beautiful little town of Gera (: I’m getting a new companion, Sister Jackson. She’s been out a transfer or 2 longer than me, I think. They closed the Elders program in Werdau and now the Gera sisters are taking over Werdau, so we have Gera and Werdau now, which is good because all of the members live in Werdau. But we are pretty much white washing Werdau so it’s been crazy trying to hand stuff over to us. The Werdau Elders have a baptism this Sunday that I get to help plan now, haha! So that will be interesting :P Elder Bell our district leader is going home, and Elder Oldroyd was 100% sure he was staying in Werdau, but he got transfered to Elmhorns. Sister Garnett is going back to Hohenstein and she will be training!! So we both have to go to Freiberg on Wednesday so she can pick up her trainee, and I can get my new companion.

This week was super super busy trying to work in ALL of Sister Garnett and my areas, Gera, Hohenstein, Schwarzenberg, Annaberg, Jena, and Glauchau. We also had a Zone Training Meeting in Leipzig on Wednesday! So we were in a different place almost every day this week. But we survived!!!!

Zone training meeting was so so so good! Our Mission President and wife are amazing! We had Elder Adler of the Area 70 and his wife there with us too. We talked a lot about offerings, and what it means. We focused on being a missionary who is willing to lay everything on the alter of sacrifice and to hold nothing back, being willing to put every ounce of energy, every concious thought, and every drop of passion into this work. Being a great missionary doesnt mean you have to be the most outgoing, the smartest, or even the best teacher. A great missionary offers their ENTIRE self to this work. That is something that definitely isn’t easy, but life changing. Before I came on a mission, I didn’t know how hard is was going to be to give ALL of my thoughts, energy, and heart into preaching the Gospel! It’s so humbling, learning and relearning that everyday.

On Saturday we had a street display! Our theme was " I am a mormon". We met a few cool people, who seemed to have interest, hopefully we can start teaching more people in Gera!

There is a man named Peter who the elders have been teaching in Werdau who is getting baptized this Sunday! Woooooooop! The Gera sisters get to help plan whatever else didn’t get planned yet for the baptism since both of the Elders are leaving 3 days before he gets baptized. I didn’t teach him before his baptism, but I already feel so much love for him. It’s so special seeing people following Christ and making sacred covenants. We will get to teach him all the lessons again, and I’m super excited to get to know him more, and hopefully teach his wife as well. (:

I’m sure many many more exciting, adventurous, missionary things happened this week, but to make it short I’ll leave it at that, and leave you with some pictures of the prettiest place in the entire world.

XO -Sister Leavitt


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