May 23, 2016




Sister Garnett

The Gospel is awesome. Missions are awesome. and life is awesome. (:

Hello beautiful people,

Okay, I don't have much interesting to tell this week because it was full of running around crazy. Sister Günther left on Wednesday to go to America! My new "temporary" companion is Sister Garnett, who got here the same time as me, so it's been fun trying to communicate with people. But let me tell ya, the gift of tongues in real! Thankfully (:

We had our last lesson with Steve before he left for Bayern on Tuesday. We read President Uchtdorf's talk from General Conference called " I will put you on my shoulders and carry you home." We simply just talked about how much God loves him and how aware of us he really is. Being down here on this crazy world, we sometimes forget the reality that God knows each of us personally, and knows EXACTLY where we are, what we are going through, and what we need. That's pretty amazing.

We have been bouncing between Gera, Hohenstein, Schwarzenberg,, and Glauchau these past 4 days, and driving all over the place. I am now a pro at driving on the Autobahn. I'm pretty proud of myself.

Something that I have been thinking a lot about this week is covenants. I'm in the last chapters of Alma right now, where it talks a lot about the 2000 stripling warriors. The theme of covenants keeps coming up as I read from the scriptures. It's so wonderful, the power the scriptures are. Even though these chapters are merely stories, I've learned so much. As I've been reading I've learned that those who keep their covenants will be blessed. Obviously though right? But, they will be blessed physically and spiritually. If we are true to our covenants that we have made with God, he will bless us more than we can comprehend. He will bless us with peace, even though things around us may be hard or scary. Baptismal covenants, AND temple covenants. Missions are seriously awesome, because for 18 whole months, you focus on nothing else except helping people make those sacred covenants with Heavenly Father, so they too can have these amazing blessings!!

The Gospel is awesome.
Missions are awesome.
and life is awesome. (:


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