April 25, 2016




Sister Gunther

The Church is true, and the ocean is blue.

Guten Tag!!
Ahhh, another P-day is here and another week has gone by. Its crazy. really.
This week was awesome! Which I'm pretty sure I say every week, but its true! So many adventures of being a missionary.
So this week, we met with Steve of course. Anddddd, he didn't read... ): sad day.
We know what he needs to gain a testimony, so it's sort of frustrating but, looking back from when we first taught him, he's already made a lot of progress. I'm not saying it's okay that he hasn't read BUT he just isn't quite ready for that yet I suppose. We have been reading Joseph Smith History with him and clearing up his strange ideas about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. I get so excited for our appointments because I love Joseph Smith so much! I always learn so much from our lessons with Steve. This week in our lesson we asked him how his life has changed since becoming religious. He told us it sort of is a burden because every time he does something that he knows isn't the best, he feels guilty. We taught him about the Light of Christ a little. We taught him how that feeling isn't a bad thing!! Because he has this growing relationship with our Heavenly Father, he can feel his hand more in his life. It's so cool to see! Heavenly Father is giving him experiences so that he can grow and become better.
Teaching Steve has also opened my understanding that other churches arn't bad. They help people on their path to eventually finding the WHOLE truth. Steve found his relationship with God through the Evangelish church, and now because he has that foundational understanding, we can add to that understanding and teach him more truth than what he could have had in any other church!
Another cool thing that happened this week!: On Friday we had to plan for the week which takes a pretty long time so we were inside most of the day. We had about 30 minutes after we were done that we could eat dinner, but we felt like we should get out and talk to some people. The one person we saw out and about was this guy who is always at the library when we teach Steve! He sits on the couch next to us and reads his book every time we are teaching Steve. Soooo, we decided to talk to him! He told us that yeah he knows who we are because he always sees us teaching, and that even though he's reading his book, he usually listens in on our lesson with Steve! He even knew the next time we were meeting with Steve......To anyone else that would sound creepy, but to a missionary it was really cool!! He just joined the Jewish faith " and is interested in our church but doesn't want to convert". We decided we are going to convert him and Steve and make them best friends! Hahah, greenie Faith....its a thing.
We also had the awesome experience of talking to a guy who completely told us we were brain washed and Joseph Smith was a liar and blah blah, so that was fun being able to just bear pure and simple testimony of the Book of Mormon! Its always an adventure here in Gera (:
The Church is true, and the ocean is blue.
Have a good week (:


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