April 4, 2016




Sister Bills

Conference was vunderbar!

Guten Tag!
Another week has already passed, and I'm not sure how that even happened! This week was super awesome though. We got to Go to Berlin for our trainer/trainee meeting! We took a bus to Leipzig, then to Berlin. I think I`m finally mastering European public transportation. I'm so proud of myself.
The meeting was really good, we talked a lot about our mission vision, which is : Focusing on the blessings of the temple, as we teach repentance and baptize converts. Something our mission really focuses on it teaching people with the end in mind. Baptism isn't the end goal, it's a starting place. The Temple is our ultimate goal! The Temple blesses people far mare than they can even comprehend. Its important that we make those covenants with God so he CAN bless our lives! I'm so grateful for that, and for the opportunity to teach that to people.
We got to go to Jena again this week! We will start going on Thursdays and Saturdays. Jena is the cutest city ever. Its a college town so everyone is young and friendly. They also have an institute program there so we got to go to institute on Thursday. Which is super exciting, because their aren't many members here so those kind of things are a blessing. People come from other cities just so they can attend institute! Makes me so grateful for America and all the things we take for granted :P
General Conference was this week!! The time difference makes it hard to watch, because you are 9 hours ahead. So we got to watch the Woman's conference, and Saturday morning on Saturday and Saturday night and Sunday morning on Sunday. Also, STEVE CAME WITH US!! We invited him last week to come, not really sure if he would but he totally did! We asked him to come with a question in mind, and told him to pray that his question would be answered. He said he came with 4 questions! I think it was kind of hard for him because he doesn't understand much of the Gospel yet, and the first session was for woman, but we were still so excited! We have a appointment with him tomorrow to talk more about what he learned and what he felt!
Listening to General Conference as a missionary, in Germany, with an Investigator made this conference so special for me. Especially Dieter F. Uchtdorfs talk. He talked about Dresden and German history, WHILE I WAS SITTING IN GERMANY. I love being a missionary, and Uchtdorf himself said that German is the celestial language.... hahah.
I'm so grateful for Conference! My testimony has grown so much this week because of this weekend!
Something weird/funny that happened this week:
1. Having a random Italian man come up to me in the grocery store, tell me I'm beautiful, and kiss me on the check.....


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