March 14, 2016




Sister Bills


Hello my Arizonian friends and family!
So, another week has flown by! We had an awesome week this week.I guess I'll just go in order of the days so I don't forget anything important :p

Monday: It was p-day so we didn't do much besides the typical p-day, emailing, shopping. Anyways while writing home a guy was sitting next to us reading a book about the Bible....haha perfect right? Anyways we talked to him for a sec and set up an appointment to meet for Friday!

Tuesday: We meet with a Lady named Frau Dhillon. She is a lady about in her 50´s and she has been investigating the church for about 20 years. She likes meeting with the missionaries but doesn't really want to change. So the missionaries have been teaching her on and off. We meet with her and we have been teaching her about the attributes of Christ. This week we talked about Courage and showed the video about Esther. We also taught Claudia again. We talked to her about the faith cycle and Alma 32. She has a strong belief in God and Christ and loves reading from the Book of Mormon. She told the old Gera Sisters that she wants to get married in the temple. But she just moved in with her Boyfriend and I don't think she really understands everything. But she has a lot of faith, so we are trying to help her and teach her!

Wednesday: We had an eating appointment with Schwester Barthel, one of the ward members. She is about 90 and she's is so sweet! German food is awesome. I always know what the meal is going to be when we have eating appointments: Meat, potatoes, sauce, and veggies. haha its great.
Its really cool to meet with the older people in the ward because they always have so many stories about what life was like when the wall was up. Its so interesting. We also taught Raymond again on Wednesday. It was actually really cool because his friend Sandy was there! The old Sisters have taught Sandy before, but then could never get in contact with him again. So it was a little miracle. We taught them both about the Plan of Salvation. Raymond is so funny and hes from Zimbabwe. The Africans always tend to get really distracted and are super easy going. He had a lot of questions about Heaven and Hell and wanted to know what was going to happen to his friend Sandy after this life. Raymond speaks English and sandy speaks German...So it was a pretty interesting appointment ha. We are working on Raymond keeping his commitments.

Thursday: Zone training meeting! I finally got to meet our zone. It was in Jena so we spent most of the day traveling. At the end of Zone training meeting the Zone leaders took us on an adventure. We hiked up this super steep hill in the middle of Jena, not going to lie those MTC pounds really caught up to me ha...anyways we got to the top and had an amazing view of the town. We talked about consecrating yourself to God and missionary work. They said that consecrating yourself is like climbing a mountain. Its hard.
So to consecrate ourselves more this week we are doing what is known as "Wunderwoche" (wonder week). So we have made a plan. We had spiritual goals, obedience goals, and hardcore goals. Throughout this week we are going to do some things that show the Lord we are dedicated to his work, and then every night write down what miracles we saw.
Its going to be awesome.

Friday: We had an appointment with Steve! We found him while emailing last week. He sat down next to us and was reading a book about the Bible. Ha, perfect right? (; So we meet with him back at the Library on Friday and taught him about the Restoration. Hes about 19 or 20 and recently became religious about 4 months ago and has been looking in to the Evangelical church. He wanted to know how our church was different than others. We talked about the restoration and gave him a Book of Mormon. He seems interested. Ha, while we where having a closing prayer with him, some random guy started saying some stuff and laughing and after the prayer he turned around and told the guy (who was quite big and scary) to shut up. Awkward. But it was cool to see him stand up to him and not be embarrassed to be talking about religion and praying. We are excited to teach him again!! I have a lot of faith in this one haha
This week I also had the magnificent opportunity to go klingling ( knocking) andddd we totally got yelled at!! It was super awesome. And in German none the less which makes it much more amusing haha. Something I've learned this week is that missions are hard! But I think sometimes we have to go through hard things so that we have a tiny glimpse into what Christ went through for us. He was mocked and laughed at, and hated. But, we must go through just a TINY portion of that so that we become more like him, Because that's the purpose of this life right? So even though this week we have been laughed at and yelled at, its nothing what Christ went through for us. In D&C 24:8 is says " Be patient in afflictions, for thou shalt have many, but endure them, for lo, I am with thee, even unto the end of days" HOW AWESOME IS THAT?? Honestly, sometimes things are hard, but Christ is with us!! Never forget that we have a Perfect God and his Perfect son who know us perfectly!
I love Germany! Its so much different than America though, and I'm still in that culture shock phase. But it's so beautiful and hey, the bakeries on every corner aren't bad either.
I still don't know how to speak the language, but it gets easier every day haha. Most of the time when someone talks to me, I just smile and nod and that seems to do the trick ha. I love being a missionary! I love you all so much and hope you all have a great week!!


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