March 7, 2016




Sister Bills

I've arrived in Germany!

so like I'm in Germany now. Noooo big deal or anything!
Ah it's been a super crazy week! Germany is absolutely beautiful! I am in the Leipzig Süd (south) zone in an area called Gera! Its a little city in the southern most part of the mission. We live right in the middle of the city! Sister Bills is my new companion/trainer! She is from Wyoming and shes awesome!! Shes a great missionary and I'm excited to see all the experiences, and success that come our way! Hah, so we live in literally the middle of the city. Our apartment is in the middle of like a shopping center, its really strange. But it's one of the biggest and nicest in the missions! So hey, I'm not complaining. We also have a car! So that's really cool, although we share with the elders, so I've never seen the car ha. We take the Bus and Tram everywhere. I think I will eternally have motion sickness. Everyone drives so fast and so crazy! and the streets are tiny...I don't understand it honesty. Every stereotype you hear about Europe is so true hahah. EVERYONE hear smokes, no one likes to say hi to you, all the old ladies tell you to put scarfs on or you'll get sick and you have to pay for your shopping carts. I've already encountered a drunk man, eaten a Bratwurst, full on ran in a pencil skirt, with my 10 pound book bag, in 30 degree weather to catch our Tram, and doubled my weight in German Chocolate. So I guess you could say that I'm cultured now.

So my first full day here in the beautiful Gera we had an eating appointment with a ward member Schwester Dörlitz. That is when I realized that I have noooo idea how to speak German! To say the least, my companion talked a lot while I nodded and smiled and pretended to know what was happening. Its great.

Right now we have a few investigators! We are teaching a girl named Claudia. The sisters found her before I came in, but Sister Bills and I got to teach her for the first time! Before our first lesson with her, she had read the entire Book of Mormon. At our first lesson, we taught her The Restoration. She agreed with a lot of the stuff we taught her about and she has so much faith! Its amazing how much faith she has.We are really excited to teach her again next week.
We are also teaching a man named Raymond. Raymond is so awesome! He is from Africa and for a job he makes geckos out of wire and beads and sells them on the street..... He is super funny and loves talking about God. We taught him about the 3rd lesson a few days ago. While we were teaching him, he was trying to sell his geckos, haha. So it was a pretty interesting lesson. In the middle of the lesson we had a boy on his bike stop right next to us and he stared us down for a solid 10 minutes...Me being a new greenie figured he was interested in our lesson! So I told him he could come over and listen in. Turned out he just wanted to stare at us because he "thought we were beautiful" was a little creepy so we ended our lesson and walked home the long way so he couldn't follow us. Ahhhh missionary work is the best.
I love Germany so much!! Its so beautiful! And I love missionary work!! I'm still terrified to talk to people on the street, but hey, I'm trying my hardest! I have to figure out how to put pictures on, but in the mean time this picture was sent to my by my MTC Branch Presdient. Its our MTC zone! Man I loved the MTC so much but I'm so excited to be here and to get to work!!
Today has been a great day, we cleaned, went shopping and are now helping a member named Lucy fill out mission papers! And she just found a new investigator for us here in the library in the mean time. She's already a pro. Ah, missions are the best.
Thanks for all your love and support everyone! einen Schönes tag und woche. Tschüssi (:


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