February 20, 2016


Mission Training Center


Sister Daines

Just another superb week of missionary shenanigans (:

Before I start my email I just want to explain how cool my companion is. LDS mail was down and she is super smart with computers so she figured out how to bypass the system so now we all can email! yup, this is why I keep her around.
2 words: Flight plans.
Yup, its real guys. We got our flights plans yesterday! The MTC is great and I love it but GERMANY!! I'll be there in a week from Tuesday and I couldn't be more excited. Also terrified, but then I think about the food and the greenness and I'm fine (;
This week honestly went by so fast and I can hardly remember what even happened. The weeks seem to go by faster and faster!
So Tuesday was a really cool day! We had a devotional by Elder Ronald A. Rasband. Yeah, ya know, like the Apostle? yeah no big deal or anything. He came and talked about the whole process of how missionaries are called. Knowing that Apostles are the ones who assign missionaries to their missions, it was super cool to hear all about it! He gave a talk about it in 2010 and the MTC had all missionaries read it before he came. I recommend you all read it! Its so cool! It really strengthened my testimony that God called me to go to Germany, because that's exactly where he needed me. That exactly where the people need me, and it isn't a coincidence that I'm going to Berlin, on March 1, with the people I'm going with. It's amazing how mindful God is of all his children. He really is in all the details of our lives! (:
The weather here is Utah has been amazing! a little bipolar, but hey we got SOME sun so that's enough to make me happy. It has been so sunny and the sky is so blue! the next day it snowed, and then they day after that it was nice and sunny again! My companions and I definitely took advantage of the sun (: We have been running around the campus for exercise time because the weather is so beautiful.
OH! Another cool thing that happened was getting to Skype people in Germany and teach them! They are members who live in Germany who volunteer their time to help us. We got to teach one older lady a short lesson and ask her question and practice our Deutsch. Not going to lie, I thought my German was good, and then I heard how fast and slurred they talked over there......good thing I have 17 more months to learn the language right??...
I hope you all had a superb Valentines day! It was a pretty normal day here for us, obviously. The only difference was that all the Sister wore pink....hah its the little things. We decorated our Residence door with a bunch of hearts to get into the spirit of Valentines day. That day after was Sister Ha's birthday! so obviously we had a party. We decorated our classroom and sang, ate food, and wore party hats hahah. The whole time we've been here our teachers have told us to not eat in our class because "there is a problem with mice". We totally thought they were lying until we heard mice squeaking in our class.......oops. We never found it but it was still gross. So I guess when your teachers tell you not to eat because there are mice, you should listen hahahaha.
Not much else happened this week, so I'll just add a few funny things you learn/hear when you've been in the MTC for 5 weeks:
1. Sister Daines cried again when it was Chik-fil-a day.....
2. "Im going to convert them so hard" -Elder Castillo
3. "The Holy Ghost is my Valentine"
4. Learning to hate the English speakers because they got here 4 weeks after us and are leaving before us. not okay. haha but I mean its a love hate.....that's a thing...I think
5. I'm now a pro at four square and volleyball.....if you've been to the MTC, you'll understand.

I love you all and pray for you all! I love being a missionary as always and God is good!! be good, choose the right, and love everyone and your life will have so much joy (:


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