June 26, 2017


Urayasu, Japan


Keilee Kema

Transfer 4, Week 5: Papa Pudding

What up What up!  How are my fans?  ;)  I hope your week was great!

Several weeks ago we had dinner over at the Imamiya's house.  They are an amazing part member family (who kinda only had us over because they thought I would be transfering).  But we got to bond with the dad, who is not a member, but one of the sweetest men I have ever met.  He is so happy and loves his family a lot, and he has allowed them to grow up in the gospel.  At the end of this dinner, he gave us some of his "Papa Pudding" to take home (which was delicious).  So this week we finally got around to delivering the container, hoping it would give us an opprotunity to talk to them more, but they weren't home.  As we were getting on our bikes to leave however, the dad walks down the street, returning from work!  It was an amazing miracle.  He didn't become an investigator or anything (he has a little pride about not being converted after all these years) but maybe his heart was softened a little more, or just his day was brightened.  He is a good papa <3


As a missionary, you have lots and lots of rules.  This may seem absurd to those who think, "how could Mormons get any more restrictive?" but they haven't read the mission rules which is, according to the elders, "the For Strength of Youth on steroids".  Our mission is also more strict than some, trying our best to adhere to the spirit and letter of the mission law.  Needless to say, exact obedience is required to these rules, which sometimes can be difficult.  But like my very wise trainer told me, 100% obedience is actually much easier than 99%.  Here is an analogy:  Obedience is like an upside down funnel (skinny side up): Our choices seem limited but in reality, our opportunities and abilities increase due to our obedience to the commandments we are given.  Disobedience is the funnel (wide side up): It seems like we have all the choices in the world, but those choices will limit us in the future (with addiction, sin, and heartache).  God's way is the best way!  So this week please try to find a way that you can be more obedient - to your parents or to God.  They all want what is best for you.  In the Pre-mortal life, we were not influenced by the world and we followed God.  So obedience is simply trying to find who we were back then.  And it will bring the most blessings - I promise ;)


- in Japan, everyone has business cards and exchanges them.  There are books that are sold for holding all the business cards you get.  As missionaries, we also can order business cards and it is kind of expected for you to give it out to certain ward members when you transfer so they can keep in contact with you.

- APPARENTLY Japanese people do not plan their own vacations.  They go to a company and buy a package for a place, which includes special buses in Japanese, tour guides and activities all through that company - so you can go to another country or place like Hawaii or California and not speak English the whole time you are there.  This is why you might see huge groups of Asians different touristy places you go.- we made quite the stir this week when we wore our matching dresses to church because we sang during Sacrament meeting.  They all thought we were adorable (which we were).  Like I said - matching isn't weird, it's cute here!


Do not procrastinate the day of your repentance!!! (like we did)  Normally our apartment is very clean - but 2 P-days in a row: temple p-day and the hospital, we have been out of our apartment the entire day, and have not had the opportunity to clean as deeply.  Anyway, as you can tell from the title, we had a surprise cleaning check - which also NEVER happens, except this one time of course where we happen to be at our messiest (also it was to be on a Saturday, which is almost a whole week after P-day...I felt personally targeted).  Luckily we got a call beforehand, so we were able to use our hour and a half at night to clean our living quarters.  Apparently the elders didn't do any last minute cleaning because they are responsible human beings and kept it clean for an entire week.  But, it was all good and we got to have less work the next P-day too :)  So, moral of the story: be like the elders and just keep it clean...
Thank you all for reading about my life.  We do lots of stuff during the week, it just isn't very story worthy.  But love you all so much!
- Atkinson Shimai
- weekly planning- making faces with a YW- our church building ft. Kema Shimai- Eikaiwa- our Zone p-day- drawing class- Sister Watanabe doing cleaning checks- I GOT A HAIRCUT thank goodness. I looked like a crazy scientist, and sometimes a 6th grade boy who let his hair grow out. Now I am an 80s mom and it is much better

Sister Atkinson
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