June 19, 2017


Urayasu, Japan


Keilee Kema

Transfer 4, Week 4: Sardine Miracle

A member asked us missionaries this week, what huge miracles have we seen - being led by the Spirit, very specifically, to help or find people. While these might be the most interesting stories, this has never happened to me! And if missionaries do find a "golden investigator" it is certainly nothing they did - they just happened to be there to help God's work. I have the opportunity to see miracles everyday but they are not big experiences or crazy stories to tell at a party. And they happen because we are asking in faith and acting.  So in this email I am going to share some miracles we have seen this week.


Two girls came to Eikaiwa last Wednesday - one was her 3rd time and the other her 2nd. A member also came, and without any prompting, befriended both of these girls. We were able to have a gospel discussion with them individually after and THEY BOTH BECAME INVESTIGATORS THAT NIGHT!!! One said that she has interest BECAUSE this member is so nice! Annnd, on Saturday, another really sweet girl came. We didn't talk much about the church, but she made such good friends with the members there, and they DROVE HER HOME! (This is super uncommon and incredibly nice in Japan). The members here are kicking butt!


- matching clothes here isn't weird, in fact it is considered cute. The closer you can match your friend the better - down to the bag and the shoes and the hair. Girls will just wear this for a day out together or just for fun. Couples also match as well, but most of the time just the shirt and sometimes the pants. In fact, most engagement photos consist of a matching outfit

- along the clothes, modesty in Japan is very good. Most shirts cover the shoulders and are hair up, and not many people wear short shorts (at least not yet). Because of this, seeing foreigners who are dressed with very little clothing on is shocking - I am so used to the style here!- swearing is not really a thing in Japanese. Probably stems from the culture being more peaceful and less confrontational, but it doesn't really exist.- Japan is VERY bike friendly. There are always places to park your bike, or to ride along the sides of even the most busy highways. They have ramps so you can push it up stairs, and bike lanes most times on the road.


Tanisha, our friend in the ward from Canada, recently got called as a ward missionary and she is doing great! She has invited us over many times to her share house and we have gotten to talk to her housemates about English and the gospel and it is a lot of fun! This last Saturday, we had a ward BBQ and she invited a friend 20 mins before it started and he came! She has been such a great influence on all of our investigators just by simply living what she knows and being genuinely kind. I love her so much!


Today I had the wonderful opportunity to be poked by the hospital (I really am grateful for such amazing medical care, I am just bitter about being poked). I had a CT scan scheduled for today, which meant I couldn't eat but I could drink water. We had to wake up early and ride an hour on the train which means *cultural thing* it is very packed - like sardines. It is also very hot and unless you win the lottery and get a seat on the sides, you are stuck standing the whole time. Because we were rushing, I didn't have a chance to fill up my water bottle or drink anything before we boarded this sardine train. So I was stuck in the heat, standing up, with everyone, not having drunk anything, with my "normal" morning sickness that I feel every morning since chemo but which generally goes away after I eat. I quickly realized that I was going to pass out. As more people packed on the train, I prayed harder for the strength to stay standing, or another way to keep me from passing out but still make my doctors appointment. Kema Shimai kept asking if we should get off so I could rest, but me being stubborn *I'm sure you can't imagine that* I refused. Then it got to the point where I either get off and sit down or black out in a crowded Japanese train. And just then a man got up from his seat and Kema Shimai quickly asked if I could sit there. I was able to sit, get to the station we needed, and then buy water and make my doctors appointment in plenty of time.  I am so thankful to a loving Heavenly Father who knows me and has protected me.  That was my miracle.
Love you all so much! Thanks for reading this!- Atkinson Shimai
Pictures- the flowers here are so pretty!- bike way next to a highway- eikaiwa- the district making the *Salt Lake Temple*- a candid picture at Tsukiji Market

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