June 14, 2017


Urayasu, Japan


Keilee Kema

Transfer 4, Week 3: The Sketchy Van (same email, MORE pictures)

Honestly writing these emails is sometimes trying to make stories out of nothing - we do work hard I promise! Just sometimes nothing remarkable happened... I will do my best to spice up my life for all of you.


Over the past few weeks, I have updated our Mission School Facebook page to be consistent with the standards I have as a perfectionist. This has not been an easy task - because although we do technically HAVE the technology ~ we do not have the apps such as Photoshop. So how have I accomplished this top of the line design? First you take a picture, then edit, then draw using the Samsung app, then send in Facebook messenger, add text and stickers, export it, crop, upload to Facebook, filter, and maybe more stickers. It is the most exhaustive process ever, but I keep all the mission rules, so that is good. (but be careful because at any of these steps, if you press several various buttons you can lose everything and have to start over again...) If you would like to check out the fruits of my labor, please visit "Urayasu Mission School" on Facebook and like it :) if you cannot for some reason do this, I will accept pre-emptive praise in the form of chocolate.

CULTURAL THINGS - People on the train almost never talk to each other unless they are friends. Talking to strangers is not a Japanese thing at all - but it is a missionary thing! But whenever you tap someone, no matter how softly, they are always super scared.  for example:"Excuse me...your shoes (points) are really cool!""AHH -WHAT- WHERE--- ARE MY SHOES ON FIRE"Like that- the school year starts in April and they have breaks every so often for a monthish. And students get a ton of homework that they have to finish so it almost isn't like a break at all - Japanese people work incredibly hard
- You don't see foreigners a lot here in Urayasu, but when you do they are literally a Disney Prince or Princess. I am not kidding. They are actually hired by Disney for Disneyland because of their face. They are like talented models. It is intimidating.


This week the Young women have their tests in school, so Kema Shimai had the brilliant idea to make little goodie bags and deliver them to say "good luck and do your best!" Sister Doll calls this "shimaitachi dendo" or sister missionary work, but I call it Santa dendo. (Except we can't break into people's homes when they are not home...) It was so much fun. We have only delivered half of them, but that half was in 2 hours, so we went all around our area, while it was starting to rain. The members loved it though - one mom said, "you know it's not her birthday right?" And we were like "we know! It's for her tests!" "WOW! That's great!" We try :)


After visiting a member earlier this week, we walk by this van with the back open, seats cleared out, and a stove set up in the back with a woman sitting behind it, cooking a pastry thing. I say "Wow, that's sketchy" because it WAS, to which Kema Shimai responds by immediately saying "I want it." I was like "Are you serious?" And she says yeah, and BUYS IT. I decided to buy one too just because we might as well both get food poisoning and have to stay in sick together than just me being bored for a week. It was literally like something you would see in South America in a back road, but no - just in regular city, a block away from Starbucks. I said, "I like how that lady didn't have gloves, took our money and made the food with the same hand" and Kema Shimai goes, "BUT THAT'S BEAUTY OF THE SKETCHINESS!"

Less sketchy, but pretty interesting food this week was going to Tsuji Market (a fish market), and trying some scallops, dried squid jerky, and pond smelt. Also a guy was standing outside the Market and we did an interview with him for Japanese TV, told him why we were in Japan and then drew a kanji that we had to memorize in 5 seconds for him so then people will see if they can read it - I'm famous! Anyway, I really really love food. It gives us energy and keeps us happy and healthy. Our spiritual strength is also really important though. We can't not nourish our spirits, and expect everything to be balanced and not be stressful. Reading the scriptures and applying what we learn is just as important as eating - it is just sometimes harder to tell with spiritual hunger than physical. Seriously though, the scriptures have a lot of peace, joy and guidance that we need EVERYDAY! If you are not feeding your spirits, please do it this week! I promise you will feel more balanced and happier.

I love you all so much! Thank you for reading and your support all the time!

Sister Atkinson
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