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Celeste Barton

Transfer 4, Week 2: oh NOOOOOOOOOOOO

Sister Kema and I have been together for 2 months now, and we have fun.  A lot of things happened this week, but I narrowed it down to 3 so enjoy:

On Saturday, we went out with an English student for her birthday, hoping for her to become an investigator.  For those of you who have not been to Rainforest Cafe, to say it is a theme restaurant is an understatement.  But they have an aesthetic and I respect that.  So we sat next to a table with a robotic gorilla that would yell every 10 minutes and Kema Shimai and I had to time this gorilla to ask her the good questions so then the Spirit would be uninterupted.  This was, as expected, very difficult.  But we learned a lot more about her and her needs, and she is a lot closer to becoming an investigator.  After lunch, we waited by the train station for a ward member's daughter's birthday party and her less active friend.  They aren't there so we called them and they are like, "Yeah! Just meet us by the place - it's called  R a i n f o r e s t  C a f e.  Have you been before?" "uhhh...just once."

 So that is the story of the time we spent over 3 hours in Rainforest Cafe.  All the waiters and a random guy were like, "Weren't you just here?" and we were like "of course not... must be someone else..."


In order to get to Zone Conference in Tokyo, we have 3 different times we need to change trains and on the last one we got on and started talking to this lady.  I have taken that same train many times, and knew it was two stops until where we needed to get off.  While talking to this lady, we mention where we are going and she says this is the right train.  We were like cool!

After two stops, we notice that the train is going faster than normal and the gaps between the stations are bigger than they should be.  After inquiring to several different people, we realize we are on an express line, which has not only taken us well past our destination, BUT DEEP INTO THE TOKYO SOUTH MISSION.  All we could do was go "no no no no noooooooooo" as we changed trains back and were very late for Zone Conference.  We called our district leader to tell him we got on the wrong train and when he asked "where are you?" - "Just far away"  "When will you get here?" "We're far away.

We were convinced President Nagano would know what had happened the minute we walked in.  He probably did.  I told Sister Nagano - she just laughed.


- a lot of women cut their hair for summer so my hair has caught up to the point where I am just fashionable- the buildings are so close in some places - the apartments sometimes have windows and balconies that you can literally lean out and touch the other building- (I learned this one from my friend) everyday during school, the little kids change their clothes in the middle of the day!  They bring another set of clothes and then change for cleanliness? This is crazy to me!  Apparently they also often wear a lot of layers so this is a lengthy process


We had a little bit of a rough morning, but when going home from the church, we stopped a lady.  She is Chinese, but spoke Japanese and was interested in learning English.  She also had seen the missionaries around - foreigners, bike helmets, going fast, that's us.  We mentioned that our church building was very nearby and she accepted a church tour right then!!! That has never happened to me!!! We were able to tour and explain more about her beliefs and she felt the Spirit so much and we offered her a Book of Mormon in Traditional Chinese, but she refused because it wasn't Simplified.  After she left, we actually found a Simplified version that we thought we didn't have and then tried to run after her.  We couldn't find her - but in PMG it says that our success is measured by our commitment, and we were definetly commited, as evident by the trail of dust we left while sprinting from the church.  I don't know what I was supposed to learn from that experience, but I am grateful for the simple miracles in my life.  My knowledge of the gospel is built upon many many small and simple things.  Sometimes it can be easy to discount those things as insignificant, but if recognize that these things are from God, then your faith will grow stronger.  The Spirit has very rarely spoken to me through a giant experience.  Most of the time, even as a missionary - it is an idea that is kinda foggy and I am not sure if it comes from God or not, but when I act, then I see the miracles. God works through simple things - so recognize the simple blessings in your life this week.  Sometimes, that's all we can do :)

LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! You are the best!!!

- Atkinson Shimai

Pictures- us going to Zone Conference- Sister Kema is a Hawaiian princess- Sister Kema's friend and friend's friend after curry together- rainforest cafe 

Sister Atkinson
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