May 29, 2017


Urayasu, Japan


Keilee Kema

Transfer 4, Week 1: We're workin on humility

Hello everyone! Let's just dive right in :)

We went to our Mission Leader's house yesterday for his monthly Family Home Evening. We walked over with my crew - Sala, Tanisha, Ai (our investigator) and Aoi - PLUS all our bikes so we were quite the small army taking over the whole sidewalk. Our mission leader, Illya Kyodai, is super into exercise and so he has mirrors lining one wall of the main living space. Of course, it was a party and so while enjoying the food and company, one of these mirrors FALLS. I saw it coming and so I try to use my arms to stop it from hitting Ai, but it brakes on contact with my hand and hits her on the head anyway. She was in shock, her head got smacked pretty good, and her foot had a little cut but otherwise unharmed. The fact that she still wants to meet with us is a miracle, though. I got a nice cut on my arm but it was all for Ai. (In Japanese, ai = love - so you could say it was all for love) :)


Lots of records made and broken this week:

- time we biked from the church to our apartment: 4 minutes

We were teaching a lesson with our investigator Sachiko after Eikaiwa (English school), and it went longer than expected so we had to run out of the Family Mart where we were (which included Kema Shimai running face first into the sliding glass door without waiting for it to open), and biking our hardest home. But we were obedient!

- shortest time between new investigator and dropped: 4 days

We met with our friend from Eikaiwa, who is a very sweet Chinese woman. We had a lovely lunch and were able to explain a lot about our life and the gospel. She said she wanted to learn about what we believe and what makes us happy - but after reading the pamphlet we gave her, she changed her mind and said she "can't meet with us" (all while smiling her brightest smile). So that was sad.

- number of members visited (and met) in a day: 6

It was a miracle that everyone was home, and the only one who wasn't, texted us later that day! Even the less actives who we visit regularly and hardly see were home!

- time that we were late and lost: 60 minutes

We forgot that we had a lunch appointment with a member (mostly my fault because I fully did not expect to be here for another transfer and was not paying attention), so we race over in that direction in half the time it normally takes (after mapping it because I had never been there), and we call because we are confused which apartment it is. Apparently, they moved in the last year so we had the wrong address, so we went to a 7/11 to find the right one. Instead of texting us her real address, she tried to find out where we were, but as I have said many times - I don't know Japanese and so trying to describe where we were was impossible. We finally just handed the phone to the guy who worked there and asked him to tell her. We figured it out and ended up at an AEON where she biked to us and led us back to her house. But she had the best udon (noodle soup) waiting for us so it was all worth it.


- there are so many stray cats here and they are pretty vicious too - a lot of them have stubby tails that got ripped off in a fight so you know that those are the mean ones.

- couples match their clothing all the time and it is normal and cute! People especially do this for engagement photos

- In Japanese, to be more polite, you refer to another person's presence instead of them. So instead of saying you love a person, you can say you love things about them - and I think that is beautiful.- pigeons aren't scared of people here! No one runs up to scare them or anything so they just chill and get so close to you. You could legitimately kick one - not that I've ever considered it...


It is not the Japanese way to take a compliment or to take credit for your accomplishments. However, this is the Sister Atkinson way (although I am in the process of repentance). So any time Sister Kema and I make a prideful comment or joke, the other one says "we're workin on humility". Humility is great though. The only way we will ever get any better is recognizing that we are not perfect yet. So basically, the entire plan for our progression hinges on our humility. Yikes. Luckily, we aren't expected to get there on our own (otherwise I would be in trouble). We have the example of the Savior and His help as well. When we recognize His guidance and help in our lives, we will become more humble and open to the many other changes and blessings Heavenly Father has for us. Like Elder Holland said, "Come as you are, but don't plan on staying that way!"

I love you all so much! I appreciate your prayers so much, for me and my family. We appreciate them so much, especially through our difficult times. You all are the best <3

- Sister Atkinson

Pictures- p-day to the aquarium - my crew going to Illya's- midway into weekly planning (made an Ave Maria cover as well - album dropping soon)- I am the same colors as the flowers!- us and tanisha and Sala- us having picnic p-day; we had egg sandwiches and watermelon because the elders traded pudding for watermelon (their loss - it is 7 dollars here and it was delicious)

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