May 8, 2017


Urayasu, Japan


Keilee Kema

Transfer 3, Week 4: Golden Week, Golden Investigator

Wow we were busy this week.  But as our district leader would say, "it was wayyyy fun". It was Golden Week, which means that there are 3 holidays in a row, so almost everyone has the week off (think of Thanksgiving week).  It is starting to get hotter and feel like summer!

On Saturday we brought a potential investigator and went to the Odaiba Festival where the Polynesian Cultural Center dancers were performing.  It was so fun!  They had fire dancers, sticks, everything.  We got pictures with them after, and they were excited to see the Sister Missionaries. :) It is so nice to be loved after so much daily rejection.  Kema Shimai has also been teaching me some Pidgeon so I can show off to her Hawaiian family when we skype this week so I am excited.

When we were streeting, we stopped this woman and talked to her for a while.  While we were talking, the elders biked passed on the same sidewalk.  We continued talking and this old man, probably very drunk, comes up to us: at first, lurking behind trying to read our name tags and then more forward, asking us if we are with the elders.  This woman was alarmed (fair), leaves, and then this man starts asking where we are from and if we are with the elders, moving closer and closer.  I was afraid he would get really close to my face, so I turn my front bike wheel so he is pressing up against my basket instead.  We try to answer him politely, but he starts telling us that Japan isn't safe anymore! and we should go back to America! Except the only reason it isn't safe is because of people like him... We laughed while biking away for our lives.

Cultural Things:

- PINKY PROMISES ARE DIFFERENT! So in Japan, you can still pinky promise, but if you break this promise, you have to drink 1000 needles.  Also, there is a SONG! When you make the pinky promise, you both chant it together (like elementary kids do, but still!)  I will learn this song.

- the day cares have these giant square carts (that kind of look like laundry carts) that they put the babies in! Then they can stand up or just chill and they all go on walks together!  It is a lot of work to get them all in those things, but it works pretty well once you get going.

- they don't eat apples with the peal! I don't know why, but they don't

- they also don't have cookie dough (ice cream or to bake, nothing).  In America, cookie dough is questionable because of the uncooked eggs, but in Japan, it is the uncooked FLOUR that is the reason they don't have it.  Super interesting.

We had a lesson with Ai, they went so well. We used the Setting Expectations pamphlet and as we were going through it, we got to the part about what the missionaries expect of you and the question: do you want to keep meeting with the missionaries? She just said, "YES!" She is so prepared :) She couldn't come to church today because she had a headache but hopefully next week!

We saw so many miracles with being on-time this week. Kema Shimai's back was really hurting, so after a district meeting she got a blessing. All of that went longer then expected and we had to be at a member's house in 15 minutes. I had never been to their house even though I know this area pretty well, so we were biking moderately fast, obeyed all the traffic rules and got there on time! It was seriously a miracle - we could have gotten lost so many times!

The ward and our district has really come together with this Sakura Project.  A couple weeks ago, I wrote this children's story to help explain what we are doing.  At first, I was just writing an explanation, but it wasn't coming out well.  Then I had the inspiration to teach as Christ did: with a story.  So I wrote a story - and we read it to everyone 3rd hour.  It was really amazing, and everything was really excited. I will send that story separately if you have time to read it :)

Thank you for everything!  I love all your emails and your prayers!

- Atkinson Shimai

Pictures:- Kema Shimai and me at Odaiba- We made an impulse decision to do the fish feet thing that was so fun!- zone-pday- me and Enomoto Shimai after chillin and doing family history (she reminds me so much of Grandma Atkinson - she is like the Japanese version.  I told her this and she thought it was sweet)- Polynesian festival- us and a member at a park we met at- Yamamoto Family - district picture

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