April 11, 2017


Urayasu, Japan


Ashley Doll

Transfer 2, Week 6: Ding Dong Sister Doll is Dead

So, Sister Doll is dying this week, a.k.a. she is just going home - she's just dramatic. So on theme with our running joke of us hating each other, my title. Ever since day one, she has said, "My trainee might hate me, but she's gunna be a good missionary." She said that if I could get through our companionship without crying, I would be the first. I said bring it.

We did Pineapple Dendo this week! Pineapple dendo is where you approach people on the street with a pineapple. When you talk to them, use said pineapple to explain to them, "This pineapple is like religion. It looks really scary on the outside but when you cut into it, it is sweet! Do you want to go to the church, have a tour and eat this pineapple together?" No one has wanted to YET. 

Sister Doll remarked one time that dendo would be really sad if we were stopping everyone on the street and on the train just trying to make friends. And everyone doesn't want to talk to us. I am glad we aren't here to make friends.

We also got to go with Aoi to the temple this last week to do baptisms for our ancestors and it was amazing. She said she felt the difference between the temple and the outside world, and it was unlike any place she has been before. She had a little trouble slipping in the font, but I don't think it ruined the whole experience for her. The temple is great :)

Cultural Things:

- people eat hamburger patties, like just hamburger patties as a normal meat. Without the bun.- the 24 hour time system is normal. If you say one number, people will generally assume that it is probably night time, but if you want to be clear, use the 24 hours.- crossing your legs in church is rude. To show respect to God, you put both feet on the floor (but many Japanese people forget this rule)- the toilet has a sink above it! There is a faucet with a hole running into the water tank. When you flush, it turns on automatically and you could technically wash your hands above it. I use the normal sink though...- dryers are not very common, and so we hang dry everything. You will see people hang their clothes on their balconies all the time- grandmas sometimes die their hair crazy colors! It's so fun! I've seen bright red, purple, and blue.

We saw crazy awesome miracles this week:

Another day, Sister Doll forgot the phone at the church on Saturday, so we had to go back to get it. When we arrived, there was a woman just outside the church, looking at our English class sign. We talked to her and invited her in and was able to teach her English! She is so excited about mission school!

On exchanges this past week, Bede Shimai and I went to Kiba to visit a less active, Futami Shimai, whose husband is not a member. She understandably has not been to church in a while because she is so far away, has a 1 year old daughter and is extremely pregnant. When we visited, no one was home, and so we had lots of time to find. We talked to many many people on the street and gave away 2 Books of Mormon and found a new investigator. I had looked up a park relatively close nearby so we could do Hanami (flower watching) dendo. It took a while to find the park and when we eventually did, there were lots of people but we didn't feel drawn to anyone in particular. We talked to a couple girls, but then it was almost time to go. Sister Bede asked me who we should talk to and I said we would find one more person and then talk to that women far away on a bench before we left. As we approached this woman, it was Futami Shimai!!!! The Spirit directed us to find her in a huge city and go to the park where she was at the exact time she would be at the park, and led us to talk to her. I still cannot believe it. She asked us if we came to this park often and I thought NO! This is the farthest point of our area, no one lives here besides you - we came here for you and the Lord wants to talk to you. We were able to share with her the Prince of Peace video and talk to her about her mission. It truly a miracle.

Speaking of the Prince of Peace video, it is amazing. It talks about everything that I love about the gospel and the Atonement. Because of Jesus Christ, we can have peace in this life and in the next. He can heal families, hearts, minds, anything! I also loved the talks from General Conference about Christ as well. General conference is when the entire church gets to listen to a special meeting where the leaders of the church, most importantly the living modern-day prophet, address us. And it is straight FIRE. I have included links to the video and President Thomas S. Monson's talk.

 Prince of Peace Video: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

President Monson's talk: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Thank you so much for all your emails! Love you!- Atkinson Shimai 

P.S. We slept over that night at Shibuya (for the 3rd time this transfer), and they had this blond wig. So of course everyone looked at me to try it on. I have included the picture - when Sister Nagano saw it, she said I could probably dendo in it if I wanted to. I will not do that

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