April 3, 2017


Urayasu, Japan


Ashley Doll

Transfer 2, Week 5: The Most High Maintenance

Hello everyone!

First I will explain this week's title. I am a high maintenance companion because of all the sleep I need, and also hospital check-ups every three months, etc - so I am an exception to lots of things. Doll Shimai is dying - not only in mission terms (the mission is your "life" and then you "die" when you go home), but also physically because she is so tired. Together, we have talked to the mission president or his wife almost everyday this week, and thus are the most high maintenance companionship on the planet. At the beginning of the week, Doll Shimai called President Nagano to see if she could extend (she can't), and the next day we had Zone Conference and interviews. Then we went to the hospital to get my test results and Doll Shimai got sick really bad (basically, I was fine and saw a doctor, she was about to pass out and did not...), so she called to get permission to sleep, which she did for the REST OF THE DAY. The next day, she was fine BUT when I was biking, my gears gave out so we had to call and get permission to go to a bike shop (because it wasn't P-day). In short - we are the worst.

Also, my hair is officially disobedient elder length! While talking with Sister Nagano, she said that she was looking over all the elder's heads from the back of the room, and when she got to mine, she thought, "His hair is a little long", before realizing it was a sister! HAHA!

We helped the Nemotos move this week, and that was sad. I wanted to help Nemoto-san progress so much more, but she isn't ready yet. But the other sisters in Tokyo South will take care of her. It was awesome though because while helping her pack, we got to share a message with her and her parents! Maybe they will become interested in the gospel!

But now, with her gone, we have no investigators... so lots of finding and prayers this coming week!

We also had shaba shaba with the Yamashita's and all the elders. It is a pot of hot oil that you cook raw meat by moving your chopsticks. The restaurant was an all-you-can-eat package so we did. Eating in the mission is like a sport. We were there for TWO AND A HALF HOURS, just eating!! Sister Yamashita said, "they don't have a time limit - we could reside here."

Cultural Things!

- the sakura (cherry blossoms) are starting! In Japanese, you say the "sakura o saku" which is literally, blossoms will blossom. Apparently, they only stay in bloom for about 7 days, but it is colder here right now, so hopefully longer!

- in Japan, everyone goes flower watching when the sakura bloom. You pack a bento and go watch the flowers for an afternoon. I thought this was super funny at first but we got to go today and it was way fun!

- Avril Lavigne is super popular here - what!? Everyone loves her, like the same as Taylor Swift. This is very strange to me...

So my weekly thought on the gospel is this: (in the works of our mission leader) It only works if you work it. Meaning, the gospel doesn't do ANYTHING if you don't live it and you don't mean it.  If you work the gospel teachings, and live it, you will see miracles and your life will be blessed.  But we need to actually do it!  There have been countless times in my life where I have expected blessings and guidance but I wasn't reading my scriptures or saying my prayers that HAVE the blessings and guidance. I didn't work the gospel. But I can tell you, that the times that I work the gospel, I am the most happy, and so much better at life. So work it!

Thank you so much for your emails and prayers! I love you all!

- Atkinson Shimai 
P.s. shoutout to my parents for sending me an awesome pillow and these super cool pajamas! I LOVE THEM

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