March 27, 2017


Urayasu, Japan


Ashley Doll

Transfer 2, Week 4: Disobedient Elder

Hello everyone!

This week was great - we got to go to the temple! We slept over with the Shibuya Sisters that night and then went to the hospital the next day for my check-up. The hospitals in Japan are so weird! Which leads us to...


So the hospitals are basically like airports, it feels like an airport. There is a check in desk and then you get a card (like a credit card) that has all your medical history on it and you can use it if you ever come back. We had an appointment, so we could go to a "terminal" like waiting area but if you don't have an appointment, then you have to wait until your number comes up. After you wait in the terminal place, you go to a hallway with sliding doors, and wait until and announcer tells you which door to go into. There are just a ton of different kinds of doctors in the hospital, so you can get everything taken care of there. There aren't really other doctors offices in Japan, just the hospital - so going to the hospital isn't a big deal at all and the copays are so low! It was a very strange experience after having extensive experience with the American health care system.

- we don't get general conference until the week after so don't spoil it!

Anyway, we got to see lots of miracles this week. We called Illya, our ward mission leader, and he said he was having a home teaching lesson in 15 mintues, with a less active we have been trying to contact, so we got to sit in the lesson! We also had a lesson with a recent convert, and a member texted us because she thought she might have an appointment with us. She didn't but we asked if she had time anyway to come, and she did!  Then on Saturday, we had to leave mission school because there were no women there, but we visited two less actives and both were home!!! This was a crazy miracle for one of them because I have tried to visit her about 7 times since I have been here, and she has never opened the door. It was amazing!!

Also Aoi got confirmed on Sunday and it was beautiful :) we love her so much <3

My hair is also getting so much longer! It is disobedient elder length! (Like if an elder had this hair, you would probably start telling him to get a haircut). Sister Doll says that she loves that I make jokes about my hair all the time because it throws people off.

Other notes on our companionship

- We are really really bad about taking the trash out. The trash days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday - and because I sleep a lot, we miss those days often.  Sometimes we just realize it is 10:00 and we missed the trash. We just look at each other and go, "Friday".

- She always says "i am just trying to help".

- she likes to run in the morning and I bike behind her because I can't run as fast as her and I don't want to

- Recently, she has taken to writing thank you notes while I sleep - we had a lot of thank you notes this week.

This week we talked a lot about how doing the little things each day prepares us for the day and protects us as well. If you aren't reading your scriptures right now, try it this week! Seriously! It will help you so much - just do it.
Lots of love- Sister Atkinson

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