March 13, 2017


Urayasu, Japan


Ashley Doll

Transfer 2, Week 2

What up what up! (Sister Doll loves saying that)
This week was crazy - we had a big thing everyday and left our area 3 different times (twice to Tokyo for the temple and then for Zone P-day)

This week we also did some hardcore streeting. On Tuesday we had an appointment with Nemoto-san and it was pouring rain. We had to bike there, and because we didn't check the weather, we did not have rain pants, and only the outer layer of our coats - I also wore my giant glasses that day. It was the worst. I turned to Doll Shimai and said, "This is the worst. I wouldn't do this for my own mother - but we know the gospel is true and she needs it, so we go." She died laughing. We have fun.

Also, Nemoto-san wasn't even home! So we streeted the whole way back (luckily it stopped raining) and after talking to 30 people, we found Junko! She is from the Philippines and seemed excited about the gospel.

Cultural Things:

- every town has a bell song that they play at 5 o'clock. It is the only time the bells ring

- when you hang up on the phone, you say "shitsurei shimasu" which means, "I am rude"

- Japan has a melon soda which is pretty good. They also have a bunch of flavored water too

- SARCASM DOESN'T EXIST! I don't really use a lot of sarcasm, it is mostly in jokes like "long time no see!" when you saw them 5 minutes ago- but most of the people take it literally! I don't know how to be funny here...

We went on an adventure to find cardboard one day in order to make a sign for the English challenge (explained below). After talking to people, we found some at a drugstore and the lady said we could take all the cardboard if we wanted. We also used long cooking chopsticks and taped them on the back to support it. We were very proud of it.

So we did the Free English Challenge with the elders (6 of us) and it was way fun. The challenge is this short English test for the people to take and then they get candy if they get all the questions right (it is a way to promote our English class). Most of the people weren't very interested (we need to find a better area with more people). There was a drunk guy that tried to talk to us and a current student who showed up and handed out flyers with us - but we did find some new students.

We also got to go with Bernadette (12 yrs old) to the temple for her first time doing baptisms! There were a lot of people there so we had to wait a long time but it was fun, and she said she felt happy in the temple!

AND AOI PASSED HER BAPTISMAL INTERVIEW! She is so great! We finished up all the commandments and is making so many friends at church and everyone is so excited for her. They all say that she feels like a member already which is so true! We are going to talk more about what it means to be a member this week, and set a temple date with her too!

A Short Discourse about Sister Doll

She is from the DC area and I tease her about being preppy all the time. She loves vegetables and fish, while I love bread and meat. She is very bold and is very obedient, loves yoga and running. She loves Japanese grammar and thinks speaking super politely is hilarious. We laugh together all the time, especially at night after dendo time and we are both so tired. She has so many good points. That being said, SHE IS THE WORST BECAUSE SHE LEFT ME TWICE TODAY. Once was this morning biking, the light changed and she just kept going while I had to stop and went all the way to the church until she realized I was gone. The second time was with the Sister Training leaders in the train station. We were headed to the Loft above it, and I stopped at the map and when I turned around they were gone. I made my way to Loft, and they weren't there so I found wifi and emailed the phone. We finally met up at Loft so it worked out, but I hope she feels guilty and repents.

Speaking of repentance, it is a way good thing to do! One of my favorite parts in PMG says that repentance isn't always changing big sins, sometimes it is just a daily renewed effort to improve. So trying everyday to do better and become like Christ is repenting! Food for thought :)

Thank you all for your love and emails!

- Sister Atkinson 

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