February 27, 2017


Urayasu, Japan


Amanda Black

Transfer 1, Week 6: The Noodle Dream

First, to explain my title, you will need to have seen Kung Fu Panda. Po says that he had a "noodle dream" which his dad says means that he is now destined to take over the noodle shop. Every night this week I have had my normal fantastical dreams but with myself distinctly as a missionary - for example, Black Shimai and I defeating a forest giant with the Book of Mormon. I believe that these dreams mean that I am meant to be a missionary.

On to the week! We did a LOT - we had sooo many appointments every day, follow-up training on Tuesday at the mission home and exchanges on Thursday.  Needless to say, I was pretty burnt out and slept a lot. We also had transfers this week! I am staying in Urayasu but Sister Black is moving to Matsudou and becoming a Sister Training Leader! (which means I am getting a new companion, Sister Doll) 

Fun awesome things about this week:

- We taught Aoi about keeping the Sabbath Day Holy.  She has such a strong desire to keep all the commandments because she loves this gospel! She is a student during the week and then works weekends, but her job hours are changing in March so she will have Sundays completely off (miracle!)  After we taught her about Sabbath day though, she was going to talk to her boss about changing her hours so she could at least come to church until then - and SHE DID IT! So she can come to church next week!!!! (and be baptized on the 19th!)

- We visited a less active we have been working with - a member drove us and it went so good! She was way more open to us with the member there. The spirit told me to talk about Mission School, and I did and she was SO INTERESTED in it for her daughter!!! Always follow the spirit kids.

- The members in the Urayasu Ward are SO musically talented, it is insane.  They have an "ongakusai" (Music evening event) 4 times a year and they had it this week!  It was incredible - the Sakamoto family (5 kids), all played an instrument along with their parents (except for the youngest girl who is 3)

- We had FHE at the Andersons (Illya and Nagisa).  Illya is half black, half Native American and is a professional dancer (there is wayyy more to his story, he should write an autobiography.  Mom, you would really really like him and he thinks he would like you). He is the ward mission leader.  We had an awesome FHE on Sunday - Aoi and some less actives came and everyone had a great time and was strengthened!

Cultural facts (it is getting harder to do these but ganbatte!)

- baby carriers (the kind you wear on your front) are really common here.  Both moms and dads wear them :)

- along the baby theme, when women are pregnant, they put this cute tag on all their bags, announcing to the world that they are carrying a tiny human

- children who are in elementary school wear bright yellow hats as part of their school-wear (when they are at school/walking to or from)- they call the "go light" blue instead of green.  It is green, everyone knows it is green, and everyone doesn't know why anyone calls it blue. It seems cruel to children and those who are color impared.

I wanted to share a little bit about the Gift of Tongues this week.  For those who don't know, the Spirit is Heavenly Father's messenger who testifies of truth and gives comfort and guidence.  Through the Holy Ghost, we can also recieve spiritual gifts which help us. One of these gifts is the Gift of Tongues. For me, this gift is the only reason I can speak Japanese.  You can say that I am "smart" all you want, but the fact that I can speak somewhat intelligably after 6 months of NOT TOUCHING this language is truly a miracle.  (several Japansese people have told me that my Japanese is way good but I don't believe them). The main way this gift works through me is by giving me an impression of what people are saying (and when I check after, it is often surprisingly right!) These are words/stories that I would have no HOPE of understanding but the Spirit works miracles.  It is such a testiment to me that Heavenly Father really does provide a way for His commandments to be accomplished - He called me to Japan, He needs me to speak Japanese.  Even though He doesn't provide me with this language, He pulls Japanese that I learned in the MTC and things I looked at once.  I am so grateful for that blessing <3

I am also so grateful for all of you! Thank you for your emails and prayers!

Sister Atkinson
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