February 13, 2017


Urayasu, Japan


Amanda Black

Extra: Less About the Miracle, More About the Faith

<i>This is an extra email Jenna wanted me to post to her blog and did not intend for me to email out to everyone, however I feel it needs to be shared.  ~Kim</i>


<b>Less About the Miracle, More About the Faith</b>
For my friend's companion who went home for medical reasons the other day and my story really helped her. She just thought, "Well if she can get over cancer I can fix my back".

I am so glad my story is able to help you - it is more than I could have hoped for. My prayer is this: that when relating my story, less will be said about the result and more about the faith.

I was able to overcome cancer and return on my mission because that was Heavenly Father's plan for me. Although I did want to beat cancer and return on my mission, I had to develop enough faith to trust in His plan no matter what, even until death. I had, as Elder Bednar put it, the faith to not be healed. Heavenly Father does not want us to serve missions in order to fulfill our earthly desires, however righteous they may be. His only goal for our lives is to return to Him. Sometimes that plan includes a mission and sometimes it doesn't - but we need to have enough faith to follow.

My story is full of hope and miracles and I am so happy it brought you comfort. But please don't expect what happened to me to happen to you. Your story will be different because you are different - and the Lord loves you and knows what you need. It is my prayer thay you will instead look to the strength of God and the power of faith - to go where He asks and do what needs doing. Then you will find the joy, blessings and rest that Heavenly Father intends for you.

Sister Atkinson
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