February 13, 2017


Urayasu, Japan


Amanda Black

Transfer 1, Week 4: In the Zone

Hello everyone! Sashiburi! (long time no see)

Last Monday night we went out for sushi, and the Yamashita's (an AMAZING family) always let the missionaries eat anything and everything they want. I could only eat about 7 plates (two sushi each), ans Sister Black ate 10. But Brother Yamashita was telling us that last week Elder Kakegawa (our district leader) ate THIRTY PLATES. That is 60 pieces of sushi!! Kimber Choro is a big lacross player and he didn't eat close to that. Kakegawa Choro says he didn't have enough faith. XD

This week was zone everything. We had Zone Meeting one day, then interviews the next and today we had zone pday (and this Friday is zone meeting. I'll never learn the difference between all these meetings). We talked a lot about mission school (our english classes). President Nagano told us that about 25% of Mission School students become investigators and 8% get baptized! So if our goal is 150 students in our area, we will see 12 baptisms! We only have 15 or so students now, but we need to have faith and work hard. It really energized me for missionary work - which is ironic because after both zone meeting and interviews, I crashed. It is a long way to travel and walk both ways, and so I slept a lot the following days.

More Cultural things:

- Supermarkets have multiple floors for various things. The first floor is normally food (like grocery) and the next is clothes and toiletries and the next are kitchen and school supplies etc. You get what you need from one floor and then pay before going to the next floor if you need something else.

- Crepes are very popular. I've had crepes 5 times since I've been here and they all have different kinds

-  Apparently you don't put soy sauce or seasoning directly on your rice. "Rice is a supporting dish that isn't meant to be accented" or something...

AND IT SNOWED!!! Pretty consistantly for about one day (even thougn it didn't stick), it was cool! I didn't love biking in it though...but Sister Black did.

This week and last week were hard because so many people canceled on us, but this week we feel good about our plans.  I love this area though. The members are truly incredible and so welcoming. We are trying to get Mission School off the ground, and we really think that the work here is going to blow up soon!

Aoi-chan is progressing so well! She is 20 years old, and found the church through a friend who is serving a mission in the states right now. She is so intelligent and funny. She reads the Book of Mormon every week and comes with such great questions. This week she also accepted a baptisimal date in March!!! We explained that a baptismal date is like a test, in that you set a date so you can prepare for the test and then be ready when it comes. We are so excited for her!

Thank you so much for your emails! I get to read them at night during personal time and they always make me smile :) Love you all!

- Atkinson Shimai

Sister Atkinson
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