October 23, 2016


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Week 23: I'M BALD!!!

Hi everyone!!

It's been a while, lots has happened and I'M BALD NOW!!  (doesn't that mean I'm evil now?? jk jk)
I still feel as beautiful as ever, and even though I'd be perfectly happy to walk around bald, I have been wearing hats and scarves because my head gets cold.  :)  I MADE A VIDEO of that too!! Check it out below! It's a timelapse of shaving my head with different hairstyles along the way. (The song is Me Too by Megan Trainor) <a href=""></a>

FUNNY STORY: I went with
my mom the other day to the fabric store (for my Halloween costume, stay tuned for that) and I had a headscarf on and a long-sleeve because my skin is more sensitive to light.  Anyway, these Muslim women kept giving me looks because my neck wasn't covered and I felt like I was wearing something very revealing and self conscious.  Problems I never thought I
would have!!! XD

Sooo, I had my first chemo treatment on October 4th which was supposed to take 5 hours and took EIGHT because I'm weak and kept having reactions to the poison medicine...  Anyway, the reactions were kind of scary - the first one I felt like I was burning and I couldn't breathe.  That one was more scary because I could barely tell my mom that something was wrong.  The second reaction was just cramps.  Both times they had to stop the infusion and let my body rest and then infuse slower.
But, I got a port put in (which is like a button in my chest which connects to my vein).  It sounds really nasty but I LOVE IT because that means I DON"T NEED NEEDLES IN MY ARM to draw blood or nasty IVs!!! I mean, I would do those things but this is better because they can just access the port instead soo I'm happy :)

ALSO, I GET TO KEEP MY EYEBROWS/EYELASHES!!! That sounds like a really depressing thing still if you think about it but I'm stoked.  Apparently they don't fall out until the 5th or 6th cycle (and I'm only doing 3)!  Eyebrows are very important to me, and I am so happy they get to stay!

Some of you who are in CA might be worried because you haven't seen me at church etc. but I just moved wards to the singles ward.  I know I'm leaving my fans behind and breaking many hearts (hehe...) but I really like socializing with people my age and it's better for my emotional well being :)  But I'm still really grateful for the well wishes! Thank you!

I've been doing photography recently (which I love, so if you want portraits taken, I might be able to help), and I'm going to start studying Japanese again. I have my next treatment this Tuesday, so I am not excited for that but such is life.  I AM so grateful for all the blessings I have received recently and the wonderful comments and notes from everyone! 

Thank you all and I love you lots!!!
- Jenna


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