June 22, 2016




Celeste Barton


Hello readers! 

This week has been a little insane!  We started teaching two new investigators as well as preparing for the Mission Conference (where new mission presidents (171 + their wives) come to the MTC and receivetraining from ALL the general authorities) and the senpai left this last Monday we're getting THREE new districts TODAY!!! (10 sisters and 28 elders and 700 new missionaries coming in)  
I'll start with the new investigators:  Sister Barton and I have finally figured out how to plan teaching really effectively and our lessons have defiantly gone a lot better.  The first new investigator was Nisho-San who hit us with a great question the first lesson: if God exists, why does He let bad things happen to good people?  We started to explain about how other people have free will and sometimes their choices affect others, but he wanted to know why God would let things like tsunamis happen.  We sat there and listened for the rest of the lesson and I felt the spirit so strongly and such peace because I knew God loved Nisho-San and I knew that it was a gift to understand his needs perfectly.  We spent our study time over the next few days studying his question and was able to answer it how he needed to hear.  (If any of you receiving this email are curious or concerned about the same question, I'd be happy to answer your questions and would encourage you to read the scriptures because it has great stuff!) 

The whole MTC preparing for the mission conference has been a little insane.  The area where we eat has been getting progressively smaller until today where we switched to the gym to eat. (They are using the cafeteria as their meeting room for the mission presidents and the general authorities).  Also, in Sister Atkinson's Adventures to Find Allergies, my stomach started REALLY hurting one day, more than it has this whole time, so I decided to go off gluten the next two weeks and so far I feel great (I think I also might have accidentally eaten cheese pizza, so that might be it).  The day it hurt a lot, I was saying lots of prayers because we had to teach a few lessons that day and every time I prayed or I was in a lesson, the pain was GONE.  Heavenly Father really does know us and our needs! 

Erickson Shimai and I have been working on more songs and we have 3 songs with harmonies right now - once Brother Turpin makes an arrangement for one of them, we'll send them to you! 
Sister Barton and I have been working really hard and have been really focused during planning time which has definitely brought the spirit in our lessons.  We taught Nisho-San his third lesson yesterday and when we read about the First Vision, he said that he felt hope.  I was also able to testify with more power because I wasn't as focused on the Japanese.

Some of you have asked about Sister Pierre - She is doing a lot better and becoming comfortable with English and our district but yesterday she TWISTED HER ANKLE so she's on crutches.  Trying to get ice to
bring back to her and coordinating companionships has been a little difficult but I know the Lord will bless her.

I love all of you and know the Lord knows you personally and if you pray with questions or need support, He will send it because He LOVES YOU.

 Thank you for your prayers!
Sister Atkinson


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