June 15, 2016




Celeste Barton

Week 3: I'M NOT DEAD

Dear people,

This week really flown by! I think it helps that now we have a schedule that we're comfortable with and we know who our teachers are.
Our senpai are leaving on Monday which means the branch is reorganizing and Barton Shimai and I have been called as the SISTER TRAINING LEADERS for the ZONE! Obviously the Lord is trying to teach me how to serve others because we're getting 2-3 districts in our zone in a couple of weeks which will keep me very busy (there are only 2, soon to be 1 district in our zone). But I know we can handle it with the Lord's help :)
I love gym time and I'm becoming very good at volleyball and four square (both of which are especially competitive in the MTC). It's super fun to see all these different languages and countries playing together - in one game we had people from France, Canada, Haiti, US, Brazil, Korea, Japan, and probably more!
We did exchanges this last week on Thursday which was really fun because I was with Call Shimai (our senpai) and Erickson Shimai (in my district) whom I both love! It was really hard to teach people that I didn't know because they were Call Shimai's investigators but I was able to teach simple truths and it was really cool to learn new teaching/planning methods. (Erickson Shimai is on the Left and Call Shimai on the right)
Erickson Shimai is REALLY good at singing and she always comes up with arrangements for hymns and then I've been harmonizing with her. We both blend really well together and we've put together an arrangement of Abide with Me and one of our branch counselors to make an arrangement!!! COMING SOON.

Barton Shimai and I have been working on becoming patient and using kind words (mostly me because I'm a hothead). It was really powerful this week when I said something unkind to one of the elders and I IMMEDIATELY felt the spirit leave and the difference was so powerful! I repented and the spirit came back but I definitely needed to feel the difference because in the MTC the spirit comes so easily.

I love you all!!! Keep on keepin on!

Sister Atkinson


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