July 20, 2016




Celeste Barton

Week 8: To Family


This week has been very busy but good!  Last week we went to get Sister Pierre some glasses and so we were waiting outside the office.  While we were waiting, TWO different people came and talked to us and were so nice!!! One brother was talking to us about our missions and he said, "hey do you guys want food?" We said we were okay but he INSISTED and led us to his office fridge where we picked out some snacks.  Then later, a man came up to us and said, "Sisters, I looked all through my desk for something to give you and all I could find were these candies.  Please take them!"  He was also the sweetest.  In summary, people are SO NICE to sister missionaries (I don't know about elders...)

Nathan would be happy to know that I have been playing a lot of frisbee with the elders in my zone and I'm getting quite good :)Also, I found out that some of the elders in my zone also ADORE Hamilton! They were saying one of the lines and we looked at each other and both of our eyes got really wide and we flipped out (not gunna lie, almost accidently hugged him because I was so happy).  So now both of them are my favorites :)  (I have about 5 favorite elders in our zone - they're the best; and of course all the sisters are my favorites)

I've been having some health problems with my stomach recently (I thought it was a gluten allergy but it's not) I've been getting lots of tests done so we can figure out what it is.  It isn't impeding my missionary work at this point but it is painful when I bend over for a while or lay on my stomach at all. (just so you guys are aware)Thank you so much for your prayers.  Sister Pierre is having a hard time right now, but we're trying to help her a lot.  Thank you for your concern about her as well.

I love you all SO MUCH!!!! Stay safe!
Sister Atkinson


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