August 6, 2019




Sister Marin Jones

10 Days!!!

Cossack-dancing-in-front-of-a-white-cow.gif The great Elder DeMille

I have been reminiscing about my mission lately and just all the amazing experiences that I have had. Missions are incredible and they can change a person so much. A person can really come to forget about them selves and think about others for a change. It is such an amazing feeling to be serving others and to help them feel of Jesus Christs love. I am so thankful for this Amazing experience that I have had here in the Beautiful country of Norway

We met with Linn Veronica this past week over Skype and it went really well! She is just so strong and always striving to found out more information/learn more! She is a great example to me of how important it is to ask questions! She has set a baptismal date and I am just so excited for her and to hear about her journey further when I am home.

Had a great meeting with Anna and mark this past week about the plan of salvation. The spirit was soo strong and it is always amazing testifying of my knowledge and what I know to be true about God's plan for all of his children! It is always such a great reminder! Anna is soo prepared and ready to be baptized in November and I am just really happy that I had the opportunity to work with her and get to know her more.

Funny Stories: I had to go to the legevakt to get my ankle x-rayed because you know mama Bair was just sooo worried haha. So we get there and were literally there for 3 hours haha. We were waiting for the results for a while and then a lady yelled "Bair...... YOU CAN LEAVE"... But never told us the results... So we had to wait there an extra hour for them to tell us that it was okay for us to leave hahahaha gotta love Norway sometimes.
I will keep this one short buttt let's just say sister Bair accidentally scratch another person's car lol.... Det var ikke gøy if you want more details you can just email me about it haha. I promise that I am a good driver😁
Søster Jones and I went and visited another church on Sunday. It was fun to see the similarities between our church and theirs. There was a lot of singing and waving of arms when we were there haha. People actually wanted to talk to us soo that was nice...... Even though they just wanted us to join their congregation Hah but it was a great opportunity to tell them what we do as missionaries.

Life is short, missions are short. Live your life the way you want to and just live in every moment!! No regrets! This life is an opportunity for all of us to improve, grow and show our Heavenly Father that we trust him and want to follow him and his son Jesus Christ!! We may not succeed sometimes, but that is why we have the sacred Atonement of Jesus Christ! Never forget his love that he has for all of you! We are all precious diamonds in his eyes!!

Glad i dere og håper at dere får en fin uke videre med mange gode opplevelser! Aldri glem hvem du er og hvor mye potensial du har i dette livet! ❤️😊


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