July 9, 2019




Sister Marin Jones

Last transfer & last Area!

July 9, 2019
"Shoot me in my foot and call me Larry"- the great Elder DeMille
Hallo alle sammen, god dag!!
This past week has been a blur......pretty much just like my whole mission haha!!
I am loving it here in Romerike, but at the same time it is sad that this will be my last area before I come home in August!
Great news though.....this area has a car!!!WAHOOO this is the first time that I have been able to use my Norwegian Drivers license on my mission lol so I was pretty dang excited about that!
Just like you all know it was the 4th of July this past week and something really amazing happened. Søster Jones (my new comp) and I were thinking, " Okay we gotta do something fun tonight for the 4th of July!" Right after we said that we noticed that there were tons of people in the center of the city and we walk over there and what do you know.....They were celbrating the 4th of July!!! They had hundreds of old American cars and were driving them down this little street in the main part of Lillestrøm! We went and watched all the cars go by and talked to TONS of people. I would like to say that we were the loudest ones there haha and it was awesome becasue everyone wanted to talk to us hehe!! Really great way to celbrate the 4th of July as a missionary I would say!!

Funny Stories:Just the whole experience with søster Scherschligt (my last companion and basically fiance becasue we were together for 4 1/2 months lol) and I both leaving Stavanger at the same time and carrying all of our luggage to the airport haha. I bet it was very amusing for other people to watch us struggle haha but hey we made it haha!

Søster Jones and I have been able to meet a lot of really cool people this past week that are actually interested in learning more. We are teaching these two guys from Syria English and that has been really fun also!
I just love being a missionary and love seeing how much I have grown personally/faithfully while being on my mission! Missions are incredible!!

In a world predisposed toward instant gratification, the decision to forgo small things now for big things later is never easy. . . but that is often the case with worthwhile things. The word "sacrifice" originates from two Latin words "sacer" and "facere" . . taken together they mean "to make sacred". Life is full of choices - some easier to make than others. Often the hardest choices are those that involved sacrificing a temporary pleasure for an everlasting joy. May we have the courage to sacrifice in making sacred choices - Patrick Risk

Just a quote that I really loved that my mom sent me and it is soo true!! Nuff said!!

Love you all and hope you have an amazing week!


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